Grand Prix in the Seafood Products sector and Prix du Public at SIAL Paris 2022. La Truitelle offers eco-friendly gourmet preserves!
La Truitelle brings an ecological solution to the seafood sector with its AB-labeled canned small fish. This is the first step towards a product that could, in the medium term, be guaranteed to have "Zero Impact" on the sea, thanks to the replacement of fish flours and oils by insect flours and oils.
Francois Isambert CEO of Truitelle

Interview with François Isambert, CEO of La Truitelle

You participated in SIAL Paris in 2022... how did your show go?

As a young food company, we took part almost out of curiosity, as we were far too small to really fit in. The aim was really to obtain the SIAL Innovation label. So what can we say about our surprise and delight at winning the Seafood Grand Prix and the Public Prize (1st edition)! As you can see, the show went very well!

Have you benefited from a "SIAL Innovation" effect?

Obviously, the prizes we won attracted a lot of people to our stand in the Occitanie region pavilion, enabling us to meet key players in the retail sector. This opened doors for promising discussions and potential partnerships with industry professionals.

What's the secret behind the success of your brand?

The fact that it is innovative, ecological and supportive represents a real breakthrough in a sector where novelties are rare and where ecology is often difficult to reconcile with traditional practices, particularly in the fishing industry. This innovative approach reflects our deep commitment to progress while respecting the environment and supporting local communities.

And in retrospect, what did you take away from your experience at SIAL Paris?

An in-depth discovery of the world of industrial agri-foods, exports and our first fruitful contact with mass retailing were key stages in our journey. SIAL Paris gave us a better understanding of the workings of these sectors and enabled us to establish solid partnerships, thus strengthening our market position.

Products of La Truitelle

About La Truitelle:

La Truitelle is a company born in the heart of the Pyrenees in 2019. It offers organic mountain trout in a can. Fish raised and processed in France. Artisanal preparation. Selected for the new canned offer of small trout and the rare organic character for canned small fish.