On the lookout for inspiration, your SIAL Paris market

Discover products from all over the world, the latest culinary trends, attend culinary demonstrations ... On 21-25 October 2018, SIAL Paris will be the largest international marketplace for foodservice professionals seeking inspiration. Did you know? Yannick ALLENO will be the patron of SIAL Paris.

Choose SIAL Paris for your sourcing

You are a professional from distribution, commerce or trading in foodstuffs? You will find a global food offering at SIAL Paris on 21-25 October 2018: a must-attend event to find inspiration and exchange views on the food sector’s major challenges. More than 7,020 French and international exhibitors from 109 countries display food products at SIAL Paris.

A meeting point for agri-food industries

You are a professional from the agri-food industry? Find the global food offering – from semi-processed food products, ingredients and outsourcing solutions to end products – and equipment and services at SIAL Paris: a meeting place not to be missed in order to find inspiration and share views on the major challenges faced by the agri-food sector.


Take the FRANCE path at SIAL Paris, from 21 - 25 October 2018. 1 000 companies or so are taking part. French food products have many strengths – taste, pleasure, diversity, safety and quality – which reflect France’s reputation in the areas of food, heritage, gastronomy and innovation.

Inspire the food business

In 2018, SIAL Paris will be a bigger source of inspiration than ever for the world's food industry.

  • 7,020 companies from more than 109 countries will be presenting their products to retail and foodservice professionals.
  • All manner of food products, from ingredients through equipment to end products, will be on show, across 21 exhibition sectors.
  • Looking for ideas? SIAL Innovation will once again be casting the spotlight on a host of innovative food products.
  • Still looking for more? Come and attend the SIAL TV and In-Food Centre conferences, and discover the studies dedicated to retail and consumer trends of the World Tour. All this and so much more

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