If you are a visitor and you search informations, feel free to visit our FAQ. We hope that you find relevant answers to your questions here.

Visitors hotline

  • How to contact us?
    Need information? Do you have a query? Contact our team by filling out this form or by phone +33 (0)1 76 77 13 58.
  • I work in a school or I'm a student and I'd like to visit SIAL Paris with my class. What can I do?

    SIAL Paris is inviting you and your class to attend our event on October 21st or 22nd, 2024, for the price of €50 per person (incl. VAT).

    This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the food industry, meet industry experts, and network with other students and teachers.

    To register your class, please send an email to [email protected].

Your visitor ticket

  • How can I order my ticket for SIAL Paris 2024?
    You can order your ticket by logging on this website.
  • Will the ticket I order online give me direct access to the exhibition?
    Yes. The ticket, ordered online in A4 format, will give you direct access to the exhibition. Download it and present it at the entrance to the exhibition. This will allow you to bypass the queues on the door.
  • Is my ticket modifiable?
    We remind you that your ticket is personal and non-transferable. Once ordered, it can no longer be modified. Any order made is definitive and non-reimbursable.
  • I have ordered a 5-day ticket; can I lend it to one of my colleagues?
    No. Your ticket is personal and non-transferable.
  • Can I cancel my ticket order?
    As stipulated when the order is placed and in the general terms and conditions of sale, tickets and store items are non-refundable.
  • I've ordered my ticket but I haven't received it by email; what should I do?

    If you have ordered your access ticket for SIAL but it has not arrived in your mailbox:

    • Check that your ticket email has not been identified as spam. The sender address is: [email protected]. Consider adding this address to your Contacts directory.
    • Make sure that you have entered the correct email address.
    • Check that your payment has been accepted. If it hasn't, there may be a problem with your bank card. Contact your bank to find out why (card cap reached, 3-D Secure, etc.). We only accept VISA, Amex and Mastercard cards.
    • Check also that you have correctly finalised the purchase procedure. It may be that you have not completed your order. In this case, check your emails: you will have received a personal account creation email. Log onto your personal space to finalise your present order.
    • If, despite all this, the problem persists, contact our teamby filling out this form
  • I've received confirmation of my order and my ticket is available in my personal space, but I cannot open the file. What should I do?
    Your ticket is delivered in PDF format. If you are unable to open it, we recommend you download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Are you a school?

  • I'm a school/teacher and want to bring students. How do I register?

    If you would like to visit SIAL Paris, please email [email protected] with the following details:

    • The day of your visit
    • The number of people in your group
    • Your method of payment (credit card or bank transfer)

    Rest assured, we value your time and will respond to your registration request as promptly as possible.

  • How much does a school ticket cost?

    The price of the school ticket is €50 (incl. VAT) per person on our online ticketing service.

    School tickets will not be sold at the show entrance, so it is essential to buy your tickets online.

  • When can I visit the show with my group of students?

    The school ticket is valid for 1 day: either Monday October 21 or Tuesday October 22, 2024.

    Schools will not be admitted on other days.

  • How do I qualify for the student rate?

    The student rate is exclusively available for student groups. To access this rate, all requests must be directed to [email protected].

    Once contacted, the group leader will be provided with an access link, allowing them to benefit from the student rate upon presentation of proof.

  • What methods of payment are accepted on the registration platform?

    As a school, you can pay by credit card (CB, Visa, Mastercard and Amex) or bank transfer.

    Please note that the transfer deadline is Wednesday, September 25, 2024.

Visitor area

  • Where can I access my visitor's area?
    You can access your personal space by logging on this webiste.
  • What can I do in my visitors area?

    After any order in the SIAL shop, a Visitors area is automatically created. This personal space allows you to :

    • Track your orders online
    • Print your tickets
    • Request invitation letter (visa) related to the tickets ordered
    • Print your payment slips (no other slips issued)
    • Placing a new order
    • Finalize an unfinished (or running) order
  • How can I retrieve the password to access my visitors area?

    For security reasons, the SIAL team cannot under any circumstances communicate your password by telephone or e-mail. We invite you to click on the Forgotten password link on the home page of your Personal Space.

The SIAL Paris 2024 event

  • Are there any events scheduled for 2024?

    For its next edition, SIAL Paris celebrates its 60th anniversary. True to our mission, our firm intention is to stay in touch and support the recovery and transformation of players in the food industry. At each edition, we decipher the market and trends in the global food sector and have been constantly reinventing ourselves over the last few decades as a key player in the food industry.

    As a result, we'd like to invite you to meet us again in Paris from October 19 to 23, 2024, to focus on the significant global issues, trends, and innovations shaping tomorrow's food industry.

    Among the highlights of our upcoming events, we are proud to present exclusive international studies on global food. These studies, conducted by our esteemed partners Kantar, ProtéinesXTC, and Circana, delve into major trends and their evolution over time. They are based on a comprehensive triptych: Consumer expectations, Product innovation, and Out-of-home catering behavior.

SIAL Network

  • Are there any international events planned?
    We will continue to expand our global network to offer regional growth platforms with major annual gatherings in China, Canada, Indonesia, India, and Algeria. More information on SIAL Network's website.


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