Meats Award 2018, LOEUL & PIRIOT promotes animal welfare and sustainability.
LOEUL & PIRIOT introduces a new approach in the poultry sector with its rabbit legs - The Responsible Breeders.

Interview with Flora Derouineau, Marketing and Communication Manager at LOEUL & PIRIOT

You participated in SIAL Paris in 2018... how did your exhibition go?

The exhibition went well, especially since we received a Sial Innovation award for our "2 thighs of rabbit - The Responsible Breeders" product.

Did you experience a "SIAL Innovation" effect?

We experienced a SIAL Innovation effect as it served as a great communication platform. Building on this success, we went further in our commitment to animal welfare. It's also a recognition for all links in the rabbit farming chain, including the breeders.

What has made your brand successful?

Since 2009, LOEUL & PIRIOT strengthened ties with breeders' groups, various industry stakeholders, and animal protection NGOs, creating their own initiative "The Responsible Breeders." These partner breeders commit to a rigorous set of standards that surpass current regulations, focusing on continuous improvement in animal welfare and environmental, economic, and social concerns.

Main commitments:

- Housing: Large enclosures with a mezzanine and provision of materials for natural behavior preservation.

- Density: Low density for more comfortable space per animal.

- Nutrition: Balanced plant-based diet with vitamins and minerals, including alfalfa and grains, diversified with flaxseeds (rich in omega-3), GMO-free feeding (<0.9%); 90% of farms located within 3 hours of the processing site.

Did you evolve your model?

Note: The "Responsible Breeders" brand is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Lapin & Bien brand, offering "2 rabbit thighs - Lapin & Bien," selected at SIAL Innovation 2020. This is a collective effort upstream and downstream, promoting a new way of "well-raising" rabbits, towards a more sustainable consumption, in response to societal expectations. It involves the following 3 links in the chain: animals, breeders, and consumers. It's an unprecedented breeding method breaking away from the current mode: abandoning cages for ground-based farming in large enclosures conducive to rabbits' natural behaviors.

Looking back, what do you take away from your experience at SIAL Paris?

This trade show is a showcase for our brands and products. It's a place for professional networking with clients and prospects on an international scale; a place to discover the latest trends and innovations.

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LOEUL & PIRIOT, a historical leader and specialist in rabbit meat processing since 1906. They offer rabbit thighs - The Responsible Breeders, promoting new practices in animal welfare, environmental, economic, and social realms. Selected for product quality and the ethical and responsible nature of the industry.