The Supply Chain Summit will give you the keys to proposing a sustainable food supply chain that meets today's global challenges and concerns.

What responses to supply chain challenges in the agri-food industry?

SIAL Paris 2024 is delving into the hot topic of the food supply chain in the face of post-COVID-19 upheavals, the current economic crisis and geopolitical upheavals.

At the Food Supply Chain Summit, the issues of local sourcing to secure supply chains and contain price spikes, as well as highlighting food traceability, environmental sustainability and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to optimise logistics on a local and global scale will be addressed.

E-commerce and the issue of delivery will also feature prominently, as will the need to ensure resilience in the face of unforeseen crises.

Food innovation, food safety and harnessing artificial intelligence to anticipate demand and reduce waste will also take centre stage.

Each Summit will be followed by a convivial and refreshing networking moment between speakers and participants.

Food factory with a supply chain

The SIAL Summit food supply chain program

  • Redefining food supply chain: a prerequisite for feeding 10 billion individuals by 2060!

Explore the challenges and opportunities of redefining the global food supply chain to meet the needs of a growing population and geopolitical and environmental pressures. This round table examines securing supply chains in the face of global conflict and climate change, encouraging resilience in the agri-food industry, and integrating new models into the current political context.

  • Agri-food: building a decarbonized global supply chain

Explore the opportunities, challenges and strategies for decarbonizing the global food supply chain, and managing the complex demands of the marketplace. This panel discussion highlights logistics innovations focused on reducing emissions, including direct-to-consumer and alternative solutions such as fluvial and rail transport.

  • Data inside the Food Supply Chain

The supply Chain is a matter of physical flows but also digital flows. For many reasons (efficiency, transparency, security, automation, and even sustainability,…), data has become a key asset in Food Supply Chains. In this session, we will understand why the whole food industry is using more and more data to make supply chains more resilient and more sustainable. We will go through the challenges to get the data from such a complex ecosystem (from farm to fork) with the high ambition to inform consumers and impact their everyday choices. We will also share concrete use cases and initiatives to see how new technologies help support this stake.

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Date and venue

Tuesday 22 October 2024

10:30 am - 1:30 pm

SIAL Paris - Hall 5A – Paris Nord Villepinte

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