The AI and Deeptech Summit invites you to meet the players who are shaping the future of food and understand how they are revolutionising our industry's production processes, operational efficiency and product quality.
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Revolution in the food industry!

SIAL Paris 2024 is at the heart of innovation and the digital transformation of the agri-food industry, highlighting advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and DeepTech in the sector.

The abundance of data and the tools for analysing it are guiding the industry's strategic decisions. How are these advances revolutionising production processes, operational efficiency and product quality?

Every day, experts in AI, DeepTech, agriculture and distribution are amplifying their synergies to create innovative and sustainable solutions. In line with the #OwnTheChange movement, the aim is to contribute to more environmentally-friendly food production by minimising waste while optimising resources.

In addition, these technologies improve the consumer experience by offering healthier food products tailored to their needs, thereby improving their health. By transforming and optimising production processes, product quality and reducing waste, AI and DeepTech are enabling new trends to emerge.

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Date and venue

Monday 21 October 2024

SIAL Paris - Hall 5A – Paris Nord Villepinte

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