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If you are an importer, then you know how important it is to be an early bird. Innovation is a byword for the way you do business. You are constantly looking for new ways to optimize your supply chain costs and be the first to introduce the new products on the market in the right place at the right time.

We’ve spent the past 60 years deploying solutions to help import-export professionals like you.

Select your favorites from over 400,000 quality products from 127 countries at SIAL Paris. Designed to reinforce your position as an internationally recognized leader in your sector, everything’s organized to ensure you make the most of your time with the world’s most exciting products centralized at SIAL Innovation, themed visits to help you digest all the new developments in your selected domain (organic, frozen, functional foods…) and networking services to ensure you meet the right people to suit your needs.

On top of that, you will gain access to a wide range of industry experts, from the biggest players to rising stars, as well as our exclusive global trend studies and a whole host of conferences, debates, and roundtable talks to keep you in the know.

Register now to prepare your visit and make the most of every minute at SIAL Paris.

Order your ticket for SIAL Paris 2024, and you’ll give yourself the opportunity to:

  • Optimize your supply chain (both buying prices and product range)
  • Meet and network with top-quality suppliers.
  • Be part of a business platform that brings together suppliers and buyers.
  • Gather every strategic information for you to expand to new markets.
  • Unearth all the new trends in France and worldwide, all in one place, thanks to selected exhibitors and activities.
  • Stand out from your competitors.
  • Listen to talks and round tables featuring international experts.
  • Keep up to date with innovations and get a dose of inspiration!
  • Enjoy the experience as a team with our TRIO and GROUP offers.
  • Discover the atmosphere unique to SIAL, the leader in the food sector established in 7 countries (France, Malaysia, Canada, Algeria, Indonesia, India & China).
  • And all as seamlessly as possible, because we have planned out your entire journey before, during, and long after the show!

Source your star products at SIAL Paris

Especially for importers at SIAL Paris

Find the largest diversity of products in one place.

Explore a wealth of product innovations from France and all over the world. More than 90% of our exhibitors are international and represent 127 different countries.

Benefit from personalized services & themed visits.

Use our interactive catalogue to prepare your visit, and make the most of our networking services and digital platforms for quality meetings with exhibitors.

Access exclusive studies & global market reports.

Be among the first to discover Food 360, trends, and insights from SIAL Insights worldwide.

Participate in a packed program of events.

See the most exciting trends and innovations showcased at SIAL Innovation. Decode them at conferences, debates, and roundtable discussions with renowned speakers and experts in their field at SIAL Talks. Visit our dedicated space for rising startups and explore the food of tomorrow. Master the issues, share your views, and rise to the industry's challenges at the world's biggest food fairand own the change.


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