Preserving natural resources, controlling energy consumption, promoting employees are all CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues that now shape daily life and the future of all companies.

The entire agri-food sector is encouraged to imagine a more sustainable, ethical and socially responsible future to shape an industry that meets the environmental challenges of our era.

Central to the trade show: a programme promoting innovation and inspiring the sector

Echoing the “Own the Change” theme, SIAL promotes good practices in a sector undergoing major transformation and helps professionals to innovate together to find solutions for the future. Acting as a hive of inspiration, the show brings together industry professionals to accelerate changes that meet current challenges in the ecological and food transition.

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All CSR initiatives united for the new "SIAL for Change" award!

Promoting cutting-edge strategies for CSR-related topics, driving a collective movement, and encouraging a positive vision of change is the spirit of the “SIAL for Change” competition, unveiled for the 60th anniversary of SIAL Paris. The award recognises more than products and innovations.It explores exhibitors’ overall approaches and how they demonstrate their commitment in a dedicated application form, available on the SIAL Paris website.

The SIAL For Change award takes into account the five main areas of CSR.

  • The company and CSR: management and coordination of the CSR process, internal commitment, responsible purchasing, etc.
  • The company and sector issues: inclusion and diversity, working conditions, employee well-being (as they are also our partners), etc.
  • The company and social issues: consumer health, limiting, solidarity and regional territorial engagement.
  • The company at the SIAL show: stands, transport, etc.

Note: a company may select certain CSR themes and is not obliged to address them all. The pre-selection process paves the way for evaluation by a jury next September including professionals from the agri-food sector who have demonstrated their sensitivity to CSR issues and CSR specialists, such as consultants from Hyssop and journalists.

The winners will be announced on 21st October on the SIAL Talks stage.

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