The CSR Summit puts you into the heart of the concerns of SIAL Paris and its ecosystem to meet the environmental and food challenges of tomorrow.

Own the change! 

CSR is at the heart of SIAL Paris's concerns, and this subject permeates every one of our actions (SIAL Talks, competitions, experiences at the show) to meet tomorrow's environmental and food challenges with unwavering determination.

Transparency is at the heart of our approach, as is the impact we can have on our ecosystems. SIAL Paris has established itself as the key event for catalysing the transformation of a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible food industry by raising awareness, breaking down operational issues and, above all, setting an example.

Each Summit will be followed by a convivial and refreshing networking moment between speakers and participants.

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How can we make CSR truly desirable and effective?

  • Faced with the urgent need to act, CSR must become both desirable and effective in order to mobilize stakeholders.

Discover how to overcome paradoxes and contradictions, and explore innovative practices with visionary players. Listen to consumers to bridge the gap between intention and action, thanks to a study conducted in 34 countries by Kantar. This study, based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, reveals consumers' expectations of brands. Discuss the perception of sustainable commitment, the threats of greenwashing, and levers for reducing the green-gap.

  • Is responsible consumption an alibi for avoiding change?

Deconstruct your outlook and question your aspirations thanks to anthropology, which explores the paradoxes of the socio-ecological transition and the contradictions of our consumer behaviors. By changing your perspective, discover how to deconstruct individual and collective choices. Design fiction is a powerful tool for imagining alternative realities and proposing concrete scenarios for questioning them. Come and explore these new avenues and enrich your thinking.

  • How can we move from words to deeds and remove the obstacles to transition?

In the face of the climate emergency and biodiversity loss, discover why our strategies are failing and how to transform decision-making to overcome these challenges. Explore the "doors of change" at the crossroads of ecology, cognitive science and decision-making, essential to steering a sustainable and just transition. Turn challenges into opportunities and become an architect of change. It's time to move from ambition to real action.

Date and venue

Sunday 20 October 2024

2 pm - 5 pm

SIAL Paris - Hall 5A – Paris Nord Villepinte

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Food Paradoxa is a duo of two independent food experts: Diane Leroy and Stéphane Brunerie. Sharing a positive vision, they have created the first workshop-based trend book for companies in the food industry. Drawing on their complementary expertise, they work as a duo with food industry players on innovation and marketing issues. They are renowned for their interactive workshops and conferences on food transition issues. Each of them has more than 20 years of experience in the food industry. Diane Leroy has worked for more than 30 French and Global food brands on communication, marketing and innovation projects. She is also a Certified Professional Coach and one of the founders of "Elles sont food!", the community for women working in the food sector. Stéphane Brunerie was Marketing Director for St Michel and Bonne Maman brands. Today, he supports food industry players in marketing and innovation. He is also a conference speaker, and the founder of StripFood, a professional media outlet on food transition.