"A very successful story"

Our presence in Paris was a true success, even before the start of the event.

Ulrike Detmers - Speaker of the Mestemacher Group

Ulrike Detmers - Speaker of
the Mestemacher Group

"In 2018, we decided to be part again of this unique international event: SIAL Paris’’, the Speaker of Mestemacher Group, Prof. Ulrike Detmers, explains."Our presence in Paris was a true success, even before the start of the event. All services provided by the SIAL team was of extremely good quality".

An event all the more important as Mestemacher was planning to introduce its new muesli-bread, as well as porridge and crunchy innovations. ‘’We were willing to meet key prospective and current customers, and this is exactly what happened. We were able to conclude several essential contracts’’.

During the 5 days of the show, Mestemacher and its team really appreciated the SIAL atmosphere. ‘’ SIAL Paris is a very good source of inspiration, inspiring innovations locally and centrally… I got a lot of intellectual input’’, Ulrike Detmers adds. ‘’We had very interesting face-to-face meetings. Moreover, we met important international guests, and at the end, the was not much time left’’!

There’s no doubt Mestemacher will come back in 2020. "We already booked the best exhibition square for our fair stand! As Plant based, organic and high-fiber products are getting more space on shelves, we want to show that we stand at the cutting edge of innovation".

About Mestemacher

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Mestemacher was originally founded as a small village bakery in 1871 and is now a world market leader of organic rye bread, characterized by its long shelf-life without the use of preservatives. This German company based in Güterslohexports products to more than 87 countries of the world, including United States, France, Brazil and Croatia.

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