Since 1996, SIAL Innovation has been a real springboard for winning companies and selected products, offering visibility before, during and after the show, and numerous contact opportunities.

Innovation is everywhere in the aisle of SIAL Paris

The exhibitors are not lacking in re-invention and are bringing a new wind to the various markets. To bring out the French exhibitors, the internationals, the products compete at SIAL Innovation. Pickling juice, activated carbon, cannadibiol (CBD) or discoveries on protein substitutes, AI etc... are some of the innovations that were at the heart of the event and at the heart of SIAL Innovationin the latest edition.


Submit your innovative products for the competition!

Why participate?

Free, simple and efficient registration with a new 2-step registration process:

  • The 1st stage, quick and intuitive, focuses on general information, enabling exhibitors to submit their application in the blink of an eye.
  • The 2nd stage, once the product has been selected by the jury, enables exhibitors to detail the features of their innovative product. A two-stage process that makes the most of their time.

Certified recognition before, during and after the show

Winning an award is a real boost for the winning companies, giving them maximum visibility before, during and after the show, and numerous opportunities to make contacts.

In the run-up to the show, selected exhibitors will be able to use the "Innovative company selected for SIAL Innovation 2024" label and the "SIAL Innovation" logo, guaranteeing them recognition in the sector. Their products will be featured in the online exhibitor list.

During the show, a millémisé badge will be affixed to their stand to highlight their award.

An exceptional business opportunity

SIAL Paris is organizing an exclusive speedmeeting enabling selected exhibitors* to meet the show's buyers and decision-makers. 10 sessions themed around the show's sectors will take place on Monday, October 21, 2024. A huge opportunity to present their innovative products to a dozen influential buyers. This speedmeeting will enable them to open doors to new business opportunities and strengthen their position in the food innovation market.

Session length: 1 hour

*excluding start-ups

A worldwide reputation boost

Guaranteed press coverage, with over 850 French and international media coverage of the winning products in 2022. The Gold, Silver and Bronze Grand Prizes will travel throughout the SIAL network (Canada, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and India) on all SIAL Innovation areas thanks to the World Champions Tour.

The innovation trail, an unmissable visitor experience at SIAL Paris

During the 5 days of the show, the winning products will be featured prominently in the SIAL Innovation itinerary, allowing buyers and decision-makers to be guided to your stand. Winning products will also be exhibited in the SIAL Innovation area (attended by over 60,000 professionals in 2022) and presented during guided tours by our innovation experts.

Criteria to participate

This free operation is reserved to exhibitors (individual or members of a group that has signed up as registered exhibitors) at SIAL Paris, who may present one or more products, each of whom must comply with following criteria:

  • Consumer products supplied to the food industry must have been designed less than 2 years ago, and must be innovative for their market.
  • All participants should declare and guarantee that they own the intellectual property rights relating to the product presented or, have been duly authorized by the owner of the intellectual property rights relating to the presented product for the competition.
  • Participants shall guarantee that their products comply with the legislation of the original country or the country in which they are located.  

The prices

Discover the prizes that will be awarded for this 2024 edition, rewarding innovation across the different sectors that forge the food industry, as well as in the economic dynamics that accompany them:

  • The Grand Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Sectoral Awards: Rewards the most innovative products from the show's 10 sectors
  • The Top 3 Countries Award (New): Rewarding the 3 countries with the most innovative products, highlighting the strength of innovation in these countries
  • The Concept Award (New): Reserved for the Early Stage*, this award rewards a company and/or an idea for the interest and potential of the process/innovation it is trying to develop
  • The 60 Years Award (New): To mark the show's 60th anniversary, SIAL Innovation will be rewarding the best historical innovation from among all the winners of the competition since its inception
  • Africa Award (New): In line with SIAL Summits 2024's focus on African initiatives in the food industry, we are launching a new "Africa" award for innovation in the African market
  • Packaging Award by ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS: Rewarding the innovative packaging offering a sustainable, practical solution for packaging food products
  • Own The Change Award: For the product or process with the most innovative CSR initiative
  • The Start-up Award: For the most innovative product proposed by a start-up registered with SIAL Paris
  • Public Prize: This price is awarded by votes cast by the SIAL Paris ecosystem, before and during the show, to select the favorite product from among the 2024 winners

*product not finalized in test to launch phase


Selection stages

From February to August, SIAL opens a platform dedicated to exhibitors interested in registering for this international competition. Here they can declare their innovative products. These products are submitted to an expert Selection Committee led by SIAL's partner, XTC, and then to a Grand Jury from the sector who will nominate the most innovative products in their category. It is important that exhibitors register as soon as they book their stand so that the products can be selected by the Selection Committee on a run-of-the-mill basis.

Key dates for the competition

  • Registration opens: February 21, 2024
  • Closing date for entries: August 30, 2024
  • Grand Jury: September 12, 2024
  • Announcement of the 2024 winners: October 19, 2024
"The SIAL Innovation effect was immediate. Following the announcement of the Gold Award, we received dozens of solicitations from major national and international media, not to mention the specialist press. An unhoped-for spotlight that put our know-how in the spotlight. The 2022 edition has had a huge impact on our company's trajectory, and has enabled us to establish our brand and our know-how in the French and European agri-food landscape. "
Tanguy GESTIN and Vincent LACAZE
Co-founders of ZALG
Zalg, SIAL Innovation 2022 winner

The jury

They are comprised of experts from food industry worldwide

  • Shall examine the innovative qualities specific to products, even if they are not finalized (test to launch phase)
  • Shall judge as a priority the relevance of whatever new benefit the product offers the consumer / or the industry (merchandising, packaging, recipe, technology, etc...)
  • Shall award top prizes to the products that they considered as the most innovative of all products selected
  • They are the sole parties authorized whether or not to select the products presented for the operation; their decision shall be the final
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