SIAL Paris, the world's leading event for food innovation, is expanding its international presence through a series of global events. The show's management team will meet with industry players and present the show's highlights
SIAL Paris press conference

SIAL Paris enhances your global visibility!

By organizing events worldwide, our team meets key and influential media and buyers.

Our objective? Amplify SIAL Paris messages to attract more visitors and showcase your innovations and expertise on the global stage.

Each meeting enhances your participation in the exhibition and opens doors to recognition and new market perspectives.


Discover the countries where our team can boost your business opportunities

Mexican's booth on SIAL Paris



Webinar – April 19, 2024

Audrey Ashworth, director of SIAL Paris, presented the exhibition to members of ANIERM (Mexican Exporters and Importers Association).

Webinar – June 6, 2024

Audrey Ashworth presented SIAL Paris to members of COMCE (Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade).


Press Conference SIAL – April 23, 2024

During the Djazagro food production exhibition, SIAL Paris organized a press conference to meet key media in the Algerian food sector.

Algerian dish
Canada's booth on SIAL Paris


SIAL Event - May 16, 2024

SIAL Paris organized a press meeting on SIAL Canada in an informal and convivial setting.

This meeting gave the SIAL Paris team the opportunity to present the latest news, trends and highlights of the show.


Business Breakfast and Webinar – May 22, 2024

Partner Mayak Business organized a "Business breakfast" with the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture of Ghana, importers, and association presidents.

Nicolas Trentesaux, Director of SIAL Network, presented the exhibition remotely and discussed SIAL Paris's vision on emerging trends in Africa.

Traditional dishes from Ghana
Nederland's booth on SIAL Paris


One-to-One Media and Buyer Meetings – May 28-29, 2024

The SIAL Paris team presented the international food exhibition and its 2024 edition to six local media and a top buyer.


One-to-One Media Meetings – May 29, 2024

The SIAL Paris team presented the exhibition and its 2024 innovations to two local media outlets: China Food and Consumption Daily.

China's booth on SIAL Paris
Japan's booth on SIAL Paris


SIAL Paris Conference – May 31, 2024

The SIAL Paris team traveled to Tokyo to meet with the press and leading food industry companies.

The event included a conference followed by a luncheon for networking and idea exchange.


SIAL Paris Event – June 6, 2024

The SIAL Paris team visited Warsaw to meet key players in the Polish food industry.

The event featured a conference and a roundtable on artificial intelligence in the food sector.

Poland's booth on SIAL Paris
Senegal's booth on SIAL Paris


Senegalese Tour – June 6-9, 2024

The SIAL team spent several days meeting local food industry players, including a press conference, a meeting with ACIS (Trade and Industry Association), and field visits.


Business and Association Meetings – June 10-11, 2024

The SIAL team traveled to Lagos to discuss future challenges in the food sector with demographic growth.

Nicolas Trentesaux met with Claire Lavielle from the French Embassy's economic service, NASON, NACCIMA, and Businessday.

Nigeria's booth on SIAL Paris
Greece's booth on SIAL Paris


Conference “The Supply Chain” – June 20, 2024

The SIAL team organized a conference on the supply chain, highlighting SIAL Paris values and innovations.


Webinar “Navigating the plant-based markets in Germany and France: Expert insights and industry trends” – June 25, 2024

In collaboration with Vegconomist, SIAL Paris organized a webinar to inform the press and local professional associations about current veganism trends.

German booth on SIAL Paris
Italy's booth on SIAL Paris


SIAL Paris x ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS Event – June 26, 2024

The SIAL Paris and ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS exhibitions organized a meeting to discuss circular economy and CSR challenges.


SIAL Paris Webinar – Mid-July

SIAL Paris, IMEX, and Food Institute held a press conference to discuss exhibition highlights, trends, and innovations in the US food industry.

USA's booth on SIAL Paris
Spain's booth on SIAL Paris


SIAL Paris & ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS Event – July 2, 2024

The exhibitions organized a meeting with AIMPLAS to discuss circular economy challenges.


Business Breakfast – July 11, 2024

Nicolas Trentesaux visited Cairo to meet key food industry players.

Türkiye's booth on SIAL Paris


SIAL Event – July 18, 2024

The SIAL Paris team visited the Turkish Chamber of Commerce to present the exhibition's innovations and meet local partners.


SIAL Event – September 10, 2024

Highlighting SIAL Paris in a unique format to strengthen ties and build loyalty among national actors in the food ecosystem.

Belgium's booth on SIAL Paris