Better together for tomorrow: celebrating the commitment of food business companies towards a more sustainable future

The first SIAL Paris CSR award

In this movement around #ownthechange, we must collectively anticipate a future in which it will become imperative to take account of social, societal and environmental considerations.

In view of this, SIAL Paris, working in association with the CSR consultancy Hyssop, is launching its first award dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): SIAL For Change.This initiative marks a new step in the show’s commitments to promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices in the global food industry, and throughout the product and service value chain.

The award SIAL For Change aims to shine a light on and distinguish exhibiting companies that have incorporated CSR into their strategy and built their operations around sustainable practices, thereby contributing to a fairer and more human and environmentally responsible future.

Beyond competing in a contest, SIAL Paris offers participants the chance to share these outstanding initiatives and position themselves as inspiring leaders in sustainability in our industry.

logo SIAL for Change

Who can enter?

Open to all exhibitors registered for SIAL 2024, SIAL for Change aims to single out a company for its work on reducing its environmental impact and optimising its social impact.

The entry fee is included in the exhibitor’s registration costs when they book their stand. Entering the competition is a unique opportunity to highlight their innovation or innovative product.

Selection criteria

Exhibitors are invited submit their entries with regard to five main pillars of CSR that they might address in their company.

It should be noted that companies may address only one or several pillars, and are not required to address all of them.

The company and CSR
- Management and coordination of the CSR policy
- Internal engagement
- Responsible purchasing
Innovation and products
- Responsible innovation
The company and sector-specific issues
- The company in its social environment
- Inclusion and diversity
- Working conditions and wellbeing of partner employees
The company in society
- Consumer health
- Fighting waste
- Local support and engagement
The company and SIAL
- Its exhibition stand
- Transport

The jury

This award calls on an independent jury, made up of food industry professionals and CSR experts (CSR journalists and Hyssop consultants).

The jury’s members have all signed up to a ‘code of honour’ to guarantee total impartiality and confidentiality. The jury will convene in September to decide upon the selected companies and winners of this 2024 edition.

Key dates for the award

  • 15 April 2024: Entries open for exhibitors, who can sign up from their exhibitor account.
  • 18 July 2024: Closing date for entries.
  • September: Jury meets to confer and select winners
  • 22 October 2024: Awards ceremony at 5.00pm on the SIAL Talks stage

Your commitments highlighted by SIAL Paris through maximal visibility before, during and after the show:

a man plays with lemons

Before SIAL Paris

  • Shortlisted exhibitors will be able to use the logo "Selection – SIAL For Change 2024"
  • Highlighted in the online catalogue under the filter criterion ‘CSR’
  • The shortlisted companies will be cited at the SIAL Paris press conference on 19 September 2024, offering you media coverage in France and worldwide.
  • Omnichannel publicity of selected companies: social media, website, newsroom, visitor and exhibitor emails, etc.

During SIAL Paris

  • The shortlisted and winning companies will be able to display their accolade on their stand.
  • Prizegiving ceremony on the SIAL Talks stage with speaking opportunity and a networking session.
  • Shortlisted companies will be highlighted in the SIAL Paris CSR visitor trail, in the catalogue and on printed plans distributed at the exhibition reception areas and handed out to participants of the CSR Summit
  • Presence in visiting tools: the distributed visitor guide and press kit, the plans and programmes displayed around the show.
  • Live communication on the shortlisted companies and winners.
  • A video interview with the winners filmed at the show.
 a lemon cut into slices
a woman plays with lemons

After SIAL Paris

  • Communication towards SIAL’s food ecosystem on the practices developed by the winning companies, to reach the widest audience.
  • Follow-up of winning companies’ commitments between SIAL Paris shows with interviews and articles.
  • The winning companies will be cited during the promotion of the 2026 competition on our social media feeds.

How to enter

Join us in this exciting initiative, and tell the world about your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility!


• Sign in to your exhibitor account with your identifiers, and go to the section Communication > SIAL For Change

• Complete the entry form and click on Send.

• You will subsequently receive email updates on the progress of the selection committees.

Together, let’s work towards a more responsible and sustainable food future.


To combine its knowledge of the food industry with the CSR expertise of an acknowledged name, SIAL is joining forces with the CSR consultancy Hyssop, tasked both with compiling the award’s specifications and assessing the entries as an independent third party.

Hyssop is not one for idle talk, and prefers pumped-up action to pompous rhetoric. In practice, Hyssop is a tight-knit team of technical experts dealing in CSR, brand strategy and responsible communication. A collective that can support companies in their sustainable transformation, globally and in alignment with their business. Hyssop currently advises companies of all sizes, from SNCF to Jeff de Bruges, and from Guerlain to the French Biodiversity Agency, all of which have a sincere desire to reduce their impact on the planet and optimise their impact on society.

Harnessing its 20 years of experience in support of initiatives that include CSR audits and action plans, responsible purchasing policies, biodiversity roadmaps, stakeholder dialogue, content platforms and internal engagement programmes, Hyssop accompanies responsible organisations in search of the best way forward.