A guaranteed visibility for SIAL Paris exhibitors

In 2024, SIAL Paris will be evolving its layout to offer a model based entirely on the types of products and services on offer.

This sector-based organisation, favoured by 80%* of visitors in 2022, aims to transform the customer experience for buyers and prescribers in attendance, while ensuring greater visibility for exhibitors.

By bringing together all the players in the 10 key sectors of the agri-food industry - organic and wellness, beverages, groceries, food processing, pulse, grains and fruits, seafood, dairy products, frozen food, catering/snacking and meat products - this transformation is part of a natural evolution that has already begun, and one that is dear to our organisation, optimising the business and inspirational dimension offered by SIAL Paris.  

*Figures taken from the 2022 SIAL Paris visitor satisfaction survey

Map sector of SIAL Paris showSIAL Paris 2024 sectoral map