SIAL Paris 2014 : "50 years, 50 chiefs"

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Discover products from all over the world, the latest culinary trends... On 21–25 October 2018, SIAL Paris will be the largest international marketplace for foodservice professionals seeking inspiration.

Discover the global food offering

About one third of SIAL Paris exhibitors display foodservice products. More than 7,020 French and international exhibitors from 109 countries display their foodstuffs at SIAL Paris, ranging from ingredients to processed products, including fresh produce.

Dairy products, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables ... Find them all at SIAL Paris!
Fresh products take pride of place

Dairy products, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables ... Find them all at SIAL Paris!


You will find a comprehensive worldwide food offering at SIAL Paris:

  • Beverages
  • Charcuterie, cured and salted meats
  • Tinned and preserved foods
  • Gourmet foods
  • Savoury grocery products
  • Sweet grocery products
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Semi-processed food products, ingredients and outsourcing solutions
  • Organic products
  • Health products and food supplements
  • Seafood products
  • Dairy products
  • Delicatessen products and ready-prepared dishes
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Wine and spirits
  • Foodservice equipment and technologies

Let La Cuisine guide you

Inspiring culinary demonstrations

This event is greatly appreciated by foodservice professionals. La Cuisine highlights your profession in addition to the foodservice products displayed by exhibitors.

In 2014, La Cuisine included:

  • A culinary demonstration area
  • The “50 years, 50 chefs” day, with Christian Le Squer as official sponsor
  • An exhibition of culinary photos by Franck Hamel
  • A VIP restaurant in partnership with the Rungis international market

Dive into the SIAL Paris universe for a 360° view of La Cuisine

360° immersion

New Talents of Gastronomy

For the first time, SIAL Paris will be celebrating New Talents of Gastronomy / Les Espoirs de la Gastronomy. Open to chefs, sommeliers and front of house staff, this competition is for up-and-coming talents from all over France.

Identify and decipher foodservice trends with SIAL Innovation

It’s a fact that innovation has a prominent place in the food sector! It has a true impact on the foodservice professions and it is crucial for a chef to know how to innovate in the kitchen, notably in terms of methods. Consequently, SIAL Paris products and solutions are real treasures, ideal to perfect your cooking and help you with your daily tasks.

Every two years, SIAL Paris invites you to discover fresh produce and raw supplies: an ideal, good quality basis for your work. Some 65% of visitors from the foodservice industry pinpointed new products in 2014.

SIAL Innovation

SIAL Paris selects some 100 products specifically dedicated to foodservice and a product receives a Foodservice Award. In 2014, Christian le Squer was a member of the foodservice jury.

Discover SIAL Innovation

Did you know?

  • Joël Robuchon patron of SIAL Paris
    Joël Robuchon was a patron of SIAL Paris 2016
  • Foodservice actors from across the world, and from all spheres, attend SIAL Paris – institutional catering (11%), commercial catering (41%), foodservice distributors and wholesalers (37%), and caterers (11%).