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Obtaining a visa to visit SIAL Paris

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As a general rule, a visa is necessary unless this requirement is waived. This should be obtained from the relevant French Embassy or French Consulate in your country of residence, before your departure. SIAL Paris can simplify the formalities by issuing an invitation when you order your visitor badge.

Requesting a visa to visit SIAL Paris

You want to know if you need a visa to enter France? You require information about the formalities to complete in order to obtain a visa? Consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. 

Invitation issued by SIAL Paris

A letter of invitation is automatically issued after ordering a visitor badge online.

This is strictly personal and is proof of your intention to take part in the event. SIAL Paris is in no way responsible for obtaining the visa. The French Embassy or French Consulate are the only bodies able to decide whether to issue a visa or not.