SIAL Paris on the web
SIAL Paris

SIAL Paris on the web

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Join all the food professionals, who gather together for SIAL Paris, on the social networks to share information about the global food market. Wherever you are, remain connected to the world’s food market thanks to our website, also available on your mobile phone! 

Join SIAL Paris on the social networks

  • Share your impressions, photos and videos on Facebook
    SIAL Paris on Facebook
  • Follow the food sector and exhibition news on Twitter
  • Watch all the SIAL videos and TV conferences on YouTube
  • Exchange views with agri-food professionals on LinkedIn
  • Discover all the pictures of SIAL Paris on Instagram & Flickr

SIAL Paris is also on your mobile

To ensure that the information you need is always available, all the SIAL Paris content is available on your mobile via a dedicated website.

SIAL Paris 2016 mobile application for Android, IOS and Windows Phone

You will also find on our mobile application:

  • Practical info: access, timetables, etc.
  • Social networks streams
  • QR code reader: for accessing the content of the various events

Features available from this summer onwards:

  • List of exhibitors and of products declared by the exhibitors
  • Calendar of events
  • Interactive map
  • Press diary (reserved for identified journalists)
  • Matchmaking: for organising your meetings (reserved for exhibitors and identified visitors)

Available on Android, IOS and Windows Phone. 

Plus... the entire SIAL world

SIAL Network
SIAL Network

To know more about SIAL global exhibition network, we recommend a visit to the website There you’ll find not only news on the SIAL exhibition but also on the food sector generally.