Look deeper into... Healthy Food

Food that is believed to be good because it does not contain artificial chemicals, much sugar or fat.

Just a few words about... Healthy food

This is definitely a major trend in the food, and food service sectors. A new trend. Before this millenium, eating only had a basic and practical function: feeding people. Though it’s still the case in many countries, we are now witnessing the emergence of another purpose in occidental countries: maintain one’s health. All food experts agree on this: we are just at the beginning of a food revolution. Would actors (producers, suppliers…) take this trend into account, there’s no doubt that they would succeed. Would they miss it, the market may forget them quite quickly! Which recipes could win? What are the ingredients for success? The future areas of prosperity? Our experts points out many inspirational opportunities.

France, a paradise for the organic food movement

French consumers are increasingly interested in organic food and beverages. at the same time, another trend is also gaining strength, food locally produced being more and more successful. The growing awareness and health concerns of the population clearly result into changes in consumers’ choices. As a matter of fact, the organic sector is forecast to reach USD 9.49 billion by 2022! Within Western Europe, only Germany surpasses France in total value sales of organic packaged food and beverages. In terms of production, organic farms account for 7.3% of the total of French farms (2016). A new record! But what about the organic packaged food and beverage landscape? Fragmented between local artisanal producers and large firms such as Distriborg, Lactalis, Triballat Noyal, Fruité Entreprises, or Mondelez, it is proving to be a very competitive and promising market. The key to success? Innovation!

Major trends and market studies on China, Canada, France, Europe, UAE/Middle East and Indonesia can be found in our White Paper. 

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