The SIAL Insights White Paper

The SIAL Insights White Paper is the result of the combined work of three consulting agencies published every two years for SIAL. SIAL Paris offers you the opportunity to discover the results of these three studies free of charge, to be downloaded below.

" The result of major exclusive studies carried out by our partner experts Kantar, Gira and ProtéinesXTC in 2020 and conducted in connection to the " #Ownthechange " theme resonating more than ever today, the SIAL Insights white paper represents an important source of understanding of the issues, trends and innovations that are shaping this period".
Nicolas Trentesaux, Managing Director SIAL Global Network and Audrey Ashworth​, Director SIAL Paris.

The three-part study is based on consumer expectations for Kantar, the global innovation panorama produced by ProtéinesXTC and the study of trends in out-of-home catering carried out by Gira.

These studies clearly show that eating becomes a statement: more civic-minded, more concerned, more committed, and covid-19 crisis is a catalyst for this trend.

73% of consumers have changed their eating behaviour in the last 2 years, 63% of those surveyed believe that choosing food is a societal commitment - it's choosing the world we want to live in, and 1 in 3 consumers have really taken power by adopting at least one major change in behaviour or boycotting particular brands or products. Their motivation? Healthier food (70%), more local and seasonal (53%), without controversial ingredients (44%).

The environment is a key issue: almost a quarter of consumers have adopted a radical change in their behaviour for this reason. In short, we want better. Better product, better for "me". A trend that is being followed in shops with an increasingly large offer of healthy products and at a lower level in restaurants, which are giving greater priority to traceability, local and seasonal products with shorter menus.

As far as the food industry is concerned, pleasure and health are clearly the innovation drivers with 3 major trends: the essentials (simplicity better understood), the closest to the heart and simple pleasure (no more gadgets, just good food).

Download the white paper for free

Since 2012, Pascale Grelot-Girard, Director of Market Intelligence Expertise at Kantar, has been assisting SIAL in carrying out a consumer study, Food 360tm, on food consumption trends around the world. This 2020 study provides an overview of consumer expectations, particularly in terms of food innovation.

Xavier Terlet, Managing Director of ProtéinesXTC, accompanied SIAL in the creation of SIAL Innovation, in Paris, but also in SIAL's other hubs, in Shanghai, Montreal/Toronto, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta. At each edition of SIAL, he oversees the expertise and selection of innovations presented by exhibitors and produces a trend book of the show's offer.

Bernard Boutboul, Gira's CEO, proposes a quantitative and qualitative study on catering trends around the world. His firm assists players in the out-of-home food consumption sector in their reflection and action plan.

What are consumers' behaviours and expectations regarding food and food innovations?

Get the complete Food 360 study, an international benchmark study conducted by Kantar that provides a better understanding of today's food issues.

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