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Sustainable development at SIAL Paris

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Now a baseline for economic activity, sustainable development is naturally a core element of SIAL especially since the agri-food industry is particularly concerned by its environmental, economic and social components.

SIAL Paris, strictly no leftovers!

Our ambitions and CSR actions

Improve our waste recycling rate by 30%.

  • Sorting and recycling of the show's waste (stands and common areas) with our cleaning partner.
  • Accompanying our exhibitors in this approach by setting up a reservation of skips/wagons for sorting and the creation of inventories.
  • Provision of an ECO-CONCEPT equipped stand (reused structure, rented furniture, LED lighting, carpet tiles).
  • Provision of recyclable badge holders.

Reinforce our historical actions in terms of recycling and donation

  • Reuse of organic waste from our catering partner.
  • Provision of used oil collectors.
  • Collection of food donations facilitated by the presence of a partner stand and raising awareness among all stakeholders: 57 tons collected in 2018

Promoting the sharing of practices in order to limit our environmental impact

  • Proposal of grouped cabs at the start of the event.
  • Reasonable use of energy: reduction of power supply, individual control of heating on dedicated spaces, limitation of night lighting.
  • Sharing of spaces, structures and furniture between several Comexposium trade fairs at the Exhibition Center between September and November 2022.

Promoting inclusion, solidarity and employment among our communities

  • Social benefits: 3940 jobs created or maintained in 2018.
  • People with disabilities: dedicated welcome and personalized services (loan of mechanical wheelchairs, dedicated numbers for access from parking lots).
  • Students and the future of the profession: preferential rates/spaces dedicated to training.
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