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This consultation is dedicated to agri-food professionals,
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In the lead up to SIAL Paris on 18-22 October, we are launching a rallying cry to incite the entire food industry to Take Action for Better Eating. From January to June 2020, we are rolling out the Great Food Debate in partnership with the civic-tech platform The aim is to respond collectively to one of the most pressing questions of our era: how can we provide healthy food to an ever-growing population while respecting the environment?

SIAL Paris & : a strong partnership for a great cause

In France, food has become a major source of concern. Some people don’t eat enough, or not well enough. Others are wary of what they might find on their plates and are looking for food with real ecological and social credentials. It’s time to ensure. everyone has access to a healthy, balanced diet. It’s time to produce food that respects the environment and preserves the sustainability of our agricultural industries. That’s why SIAL Paris has joined to “Take Action for Better Eating”.

Last year, to kick off this great cause, and its partners launched a public consultation online, asking all French citizens for their ideas on how to enable everyone to eat better. During April and May 2019, thousands of people submitted proposals and voted on their favorites. As a founding member of this important initiative, SIAL Paris will be hosting a dedicated workshop to develop the best of these proposals at our much-awaited exhibition in October – and, in the lead up to the event, we are inviting food professionals to participate in the Great Food Debate.

THE GREAT FOOD DEBATE: a collective effort for global impact

Today, SIAL Paris is mobilizing food professionals, in all their diversity across the globe, around this major cause through the GREAT FOOD DEBATE. A vast consultation which started in France on January 20, 2020 and has been rolled out to rest of the world during the year. The aim is to leverage our collective intelligence by inviting everyone to propose solutions and develop concrete actions to bring healthy food to the greatest number while respecting the environment.


Health, transparency, eco-responsibility, fair prices…in the face of ever-increasing consumer awareness and the exponential growth of the worldwide population, the transformations taking place in the agri-food industry have never been so profound. Mass production and retail standards that have been in place for 50 years are being overturned by technological and digital innovations. Bio-sourced materials are set to succeed plastic. Aquaculture and vertical farming are opening fresh possibilities in overcrowded cities. New trends are emerging, new business models are taking hold. At SIAL Paris, we want to enable you to explore and implement the solutions together.

Submit your ideas! Share your views! Vote for the best solutions proposed by your peers! At a time of unprecedented transitions, reinventions and social responsibility, we are inviting the global food community to participate in theGreat Food Debate and Own the Change.

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