"For Ponthier, SIAL is a gateway to the world"

For us, SIAL is a key event, as more than 70% of our business is export-oriented.

Why do you exhibit at SIAL?
Helena Tchekov (Marketing & Communication Manager): For three essential reasons: genuine high attendance, international visitors and a prime location. For us, SIAL is a crucial event, as more than 70% of our business is export-oriented.

What do you get out of SIAL? A window of visibility for your products and a view onto the world?
H. T.: It’s exactly that. In fact, I’d go even further: SIAL Paris is a source of inspiration in that our teams have an opportunity to discover the innovations in the sector, but also meet the leading names on the market and ask them about their expectations in terms of product offering. It is therefore a huge platform for valuable and constructive meetings.

If you had to persuade someone, what would you say are the strengths of SIAL Paris?
H. T.: Without any hesitation, the number of exhibitors, the number of countries represented, the percentage of international customers, the visitor attendance, the visitor profile and… the exhibition surface area which is absolutely unparalleled!

Let’s turn to how Ponthier and SIAL have evolved together. How has the exhibition contributed to your development?
H. T.: For many years, and in addition to this visibility, SIAL Paris has provided us with an additional opportunity to nurture relations with our partners, but also to meet new potential customers; the icing on the cake is that we also have the chance to improve our market knowledge.

In 2018, SIAL Paris highlighted taste, truth and meaning as the values expected by consumers. Do you identify with this trend?
H. T.: Absolutely. As you know, the strengths of the Pontier brand are based on values - which guide the choices of the firm and its daily business - such as naturalness, indulgence, transparency, authenticity, singularity and respect. Our aim is to select the best origins and varieties of fruit, not only in terms of taste but also in terms of purity. And, to transform them into frozen and chilled purees and coulis, we draw on traditional know-how that helps preserve their original qualities.

Are these commitments that you make?
Your report FOOD 360 hit the nail on the head when it spoke of new consumer expectations in terms of commitment, a need for quality, traceability and transparency. These are expectations that we do indeed take into consideration, as we have done since we began! Our motto, “Variety, terroir, climate” illustrates that we source exclusive and expressive raw materials that are representative of their origin and variety, grown on ground imbued with a specific geographical area and harvested at premium ripeness. It is furthermore in this spirit that we have incorporated the notion of traceability in our packaging. In parallel, we work hand-in-hand with producers to offer a product that is increasingly pure, with the least possible traces of pesticide.

About Ponthier

Ponthier logo
A family business founded in 1946, Ponthier is a historical figure on the local fruit trading market. Inventor of the first range of vacuum-cooked chestnuts, Ponthier continued to remain faithful to its native Corrèze. From the 80s, a range of frozen summer berries came out, followed by ranges of fruit puree in frozen and chilled form. Other ranges were launched in the following years, with, as always, a focus on quality.
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