"For LIMA, SIAL Paris is a unique source of inspiration"

For all exhibitors, SIAL Paris is a wonderful window onto the world

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How did your SIAL Paris 2018 go?
Boris Galisson (Sales & Marketing Director): For all exhibitors, SIAL Paris is a wonderful window onto the world, due to the participation of huge numbers of visitors and exhibitors who come from all continents, if not, dare I say it, from all countries. The 2018 show was no exception to this tradition.

Do you think that SIAL Paris is a good, or even excellent, source of inspiration?
B. G.: Without a doubt! This show is a genuine source of inspiration across all food sectors, through the variety of exhibitors and products presented. What’s more, the exhibitors of machinery can offer visitors a glimpse of the solutions which will help them get an idea of how they can manufacture these new products. That’s an undeniable asset!

What do you think are the strengths of SIAL Paris?
B. G.: Quite definitely: Paris. It’s the big capital of gastronomy and one of the most easily accessible cities in the world! This makes for a truly international visitor audience and a great international visibility platform for exhibitors. This is an unparalleled asset for a company like ours which exports more than 90% of its machinery, all over the world, through a network of more than 70 distributors.

So you exhibited at the show But the day after SIAL Paris, did you observe a real difference in your business activity?
B. G.: Oh yes! We went away with lots of high quality contacts. And that is essential for our development! And incidentally, I can already confirm that we will be exhibiting again at SIAL Paris 2020!

So moving forward, how do you see the future of your brand considering the challenges facing the food industry?
B. G.: We think that capturing value from the by-products in the meat and fish stripping process is a subject that will take on increasing importance in the food processing sector. And contributing to the recovery and use of these by-products is a responsible environmental attitude. Our company and our brand, LIMA, already acknowledged in this area, will continue to address these issues.

About LIMA
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LIMA is a company which is highly specialised in its field of excellence: the manufacture and sale of meat-bone separators, deboning and desinewing machines. Acknowledged around the world as a leader in its field, LIMA is renowned for the quality of its machines and technology.
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