Agro’Novae enjoys a fruitful SIAL Paris

“Very quickly, we realised how much of a ‘sounding board’ SIAL Paris was.”

 Yves Faure thinks back to his first SIAL Paris shows. It was more than 20 years (that long) ago! At the time, this young firm was exhibiting in a collective pavilion with the Provence region to share costs and the SIAL experience. Things have changed quite a bit since then!

“Very quickly, we realised how much of a ‘sounding board’ SIAL Paris was. Not only did we have to be present, but we also had to plan our SIAL Paris in advance and - more importantly - choose our stand position,” explains Yves Faure, the company’s CEO. SIAL Paris is today a firm fixture on the business calendar of Agro’Novae and its flagship brand Les Comtes de Provence.

100 contacts per SIAL

At each SIAL, we collect around 100 contacts, including 60 or 70 relating to export! That’s a lot of firms, and at the same time it’s essential for us if we want to keep developing internationally,” adds the business leader.

But SIAL Paris doesn’t only give them a whole new address book at each edition. “It’s an excellent tool for market intelligence. It is important for us to see ‘in the flesh’ what our competitors are offering, the products of tomorrow and all the new ingredients. Not only to source inspiration for new recipes, but also to get an idea about the up-and-coming trends in our sector and more broadly in the food industry.”


A search for meaning

The specific niche of Les Comtes de Provence is without a doubt organic produce. “80% of our volume of fruit is organic. And we aim to reach 100% in the next year. We want to do this because consumers are in search of quality and meaning. And we always try hard to anticipate their expectations. This is why we work with local products and proudly fly the flag for OUR Provence.”

Les Comtes de Provence also place emphasis focus on transparency… “which we don’t see as a constraint, but more like a growth lever. We follow the recommendations of nutritional apps such as Yuka to get the best possible ratings. In fact, we have reduced the quantity of sugar in our jams, which now contain 75% of fruit and 25% of sugar.” And when SIAL Paris highlighted the notions of “Taste, True and Meaning” in 2018, in reference to its international report FOOD 360 on consumer expectations, Agro’Novae was a perfect reflection of this trend!


Better known under the brand name of Les Comtes de Provence, AgroNovae is a jam making company which was founded in 1986. Nestling up in the hills of Manosque, this small business, with more than 50 employees and turnover in excess of 10 million, cultivates respect for natural produce and quality: a recipe for success with consumers!
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