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Jury of SIAL Innovation 2018

In 2018, the experts met in September to select the 15 SIAL Innovation Awards 2018. The 3 best innovations will be reveal on SIAL Paris during the award ceremony on Monday, October 22th.

Meet the 2018 SIAL Innovation Jury

Yannick ALLENO - President of the Jury

©Geoffroy de Boismenu
©Geoffroy de Boismenu
©Geoffroy de Boismenu

As part of a highly select circle of the world's greatest chefs, Yannick Alléno is as enthusiastic as he is inspirational in devoting his life to his passion, and militating for strong French cuisine, rich in its legacy and ambitious in its creations. Questing and demanding, he pushes the envelope and lays the groundwork for a new cuisine that affirms its unique identity: Cuisine Moderne.




Jean-François AUBRY

Picture Jean-François Aubry

Chief Editor of Le Monde du Surgelé.

After a university degree in History, he started as a journalist in trade press. He is backed by 15 years expertise in the retail and catering markets



Antoine CARROZ

Antoine Carroz

Food and Beverage buyer at Groupe Galeries Lafayette.
With 15 years of experience holding several different managerial positions across the foodservice industry , Antoine Carroz has acquired strong product expertise/ become a product expert. 
While professionally evolving within the company and integrating skills from all disciplines/businesses to create an optimized value chain, he is constantly on the lookout for differentiated products and concepts.
His work perfectly embodies Galeries Lafayette’s core values such as “the desire of excellence” or “daring to innovate”.


Jean-Pierre CLEMENT

Jean-Pierre Clement

Fauchon Chef and fine products hunter

Working for Fauchon for 35 years, Jean Pierre Clément became its Chef in 1994. There, he created many gastronomic innovations like the first meal trays and the first in store catering service. He also manages the sourcing of fine regional products.




Giannina Cohen-Aubier

Co-founder and Managing Partner of the agency VFC Relations Publics since 1981. 

A career devoted to the world of communication and to the Food & Beverage sector. She works in close collaboration with the SIAL teams and their partners since 2002.




Bruno DAVID & Benoit LANDIER 

Picture Benoit Landier & Bruno David

Offering department and Innovation and new products sourcing managers for Intermarché. They work in close collaboration always looking for new innovative products. Bruno David also owns and manage an Intermarché store at Malesherbes (France).



Picture Sophie De Reynal

NutriMarketing marketing director & Club PAI Coordinator
Innovation expert for various food companies, trend hunter, she is an ingredient specialist. She is also the co-author of the book « de l’étiquette à l’assiette : vérités et mensonges sur les produits alimentaires »




Picture Marc Fressange

Co founder & CEO of "« Ouh La La France »: Chinese food products import and distribution."
He operates Oh Marco China stores network (25 outlets in 13 cities), he carries out consumer tests and studies and he advises Chinese companies on the European market.




President and co-founder of Kings of Kitchen.
Intervenant in the hotel and catering industry in France and abroad for more than 11 years. It offers the services of Chefs and pastry chefs around the world for events, consulting and image. With a network of more than 350 chefs and pastry chefs, he promotes gastronomy and French products through them.
He also works with companies and / or Embassies for the promotion of their products.



Picture of Pascale Grelot-Girard

Market Intelligence Director TNS Sofres 
After obtaining two PhD in Sciences of Management/marketing and in economics, she specialized in consumers & markets understanding and innovation. 
Working for TNS Sofres for 14 years, she advises actors in the food & beverage sectors. 
She is also responsible of the Food 360, a multi-country market research carried out for the SIAL.


Michelle GROSSET

Secretary General of Adepta since 2002, Michelle GROSSET represents in France and worldwide, a network of more than 200 French companies from agricultural and agri-food sectors. These award-winning companies are distinguished by their innovative solutions and technologies. 


Sophie LABBE

Sophie Labbé
Sustainable food and consumption manager at Utopies, a sustainable development consulting company 
With 12 years of experience in consumer goods marketing, she has acquired a significant experience in brand strategy, communication and innovation. Convinced of the importance for organizations to integrate human and environmental considerations, she manages the Sustainable Food and Consumption team and offer at Utopies




PhD in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer , A Le Bail is Professor since 25 years at ONIRIS -FOOD SCIENCE / Engineering School in Nantes , where he leads a group " Matrices and Food , Processes / Properties Structure / Sensory " within the UMR CNRS GEPEA (20 prof . & Eng., 15 PhD students ) . The process is used as a tool for structuring and reformulating foods with enhanced functionalities (salt reduction , sugar, fat , sensory ... ) while optimizing the environmental footprint.


Isabelle MARQUIS

Registered dietitian and food marketing and innovation expert, Isabelle Marquis boasts exceptional multidisciplinary savoir faire acquired through work at the consultancy level and in the food processing industry. Accomplished communicator and skilled strategist, Ms. Marquis supports companies in innovation, marketing and communication strategy. She also writes for specialized magazines and collaborates on the television program L’épicerie broadcast on Ici Radio-Canada Télé.



Isabelle Martinet

Journalist and broadcaster
She starts her career on Paris Première, Canal+ and Europe1 before joining France 2 in 1990. Since 1994, she is the “Madame Consumption” of the morning show Télématin (first morning TV show in France).


Junghoon MOON

Junghoon Moon

Professor and Food Columnist
Professor at the Seoul National University in Information Management and Marketing for Food, he has coworked with various food companies and restaurants for new food products development and innovation.
He is a specialist in Food Industry Strategy & Innovation, Food Marketing, IoT for Food, Food related Psychology & Behavior.


Olivier MOULIN

Olivier Moulin

Blogger “Papa en Cuisine”
From the most simple to the most sophisticated, he shares any kinds of recipe on his blog.
Having more than 100 000 fans on Facebook, his recipes are published on his Youtube channel and on his blog thanks to video tutorials.



Florencia Pagano

Anne- Florence Sattonnay

Anne- Florence Sattonnay

Director – Global Account, Licensing Food Health & Beauty, Healthy Living Program – The Walt Disney Company France
In charge of the Carrefour Global Account since 2005, Anne-Florence enlarges her responsibilities in 2014 with Licensing Food Health & Beauty development, and Healthy Living.
Healthy Living is the commitment of Disney to encourage children and families to adopt a healthier way of living. Capitalizing on Disney characters emotional link with children, the program is promoting balanced eating habit and physical activities in a easy and funny way.

Anne-Cathy de TAEVERNIER

Anne-Cathy de TAEVERNIER

Purchasing and Culinary Innovation Director at Elior
Food-processing Engineer, she has worked for 25 years in institutional and commercial catering within Sogeres and Elior: always in connection with Product, Sourcing, Food Offer and Innovation. 
At present for Elior RC France, she manages the sectors of responsible purchases, the culinary partnerships and the culinary innovation.



Picture Xavier Terlet

World food trends and innovations expert for manufacturers, distributors and institutions - Founder and CEO of XTC World Innovation
After working in the mass distribution industry (Carrefour), in 1988 he created his company « Nouveaux Produits Nouveaux marchés » which became XTC World Innovation in 1996. XTC publishes major food studies such as World Innovation Panorama, Future Food or Innoscope of private labels.


Franck Tesson

Nicolas Trentesaux

Picture Nicolas Trentesaux

SIAL Network Director
Having started his career for the Danone Group, he worked then for the United Biscuits Group. His career path was strongly marked by global developments and marketing strategies involving innovation and Research & Development. 
After holding international positions in Scotland, then Australia, he became the SIAL Network Director in 2013.


Adeline Vancauwelaert

Adeline Vancauwelaert has been working for the exhibition industry since 20 years now. She spent most of her career on Food & Beverage shows, both on BtoB and BtoC shows. Adeline is mostly interested by international brand development.
She joined the SIAL network in May 2017 as Deputy Director.

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