Next Food Generation

Discover the emerging innovation projects that are inspiring tomorrow's food consumption.

NEXT FOOD GENERATION highlights the future creators of start-ups who are ready to achieve their goal: find solutions for the food of the future in terms of new products, services, packaging...

Conceived in partnership with the EEIG ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE network and AgroParisTech, NEXT FOOD GENERATION is Europe's first forecasting space dedicated to rising projects in progress in the food industry sector.

NEXT FOOD GENERATION in particular provides them with the opportunity to share their experiences with a panel of entrepreneurs, investors, potential clients and the media, with a view to conquering, one day - who knows! - Planet Food!

Criteria to participate

If you are developing a food product or ingredient / equipment, process or logistics / service (physical or digital) / packaging, NEXT FOOD GENERATION is the best place to present your innovation!

This space is intended for innovative projects in the design, development and/or test market ready phase, having their main activity in the food industry.

Submit your application until June 2nd

Next Food Generation by Ecotrophelia 

For more info, contact: [email protected]

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