Alter'native Food Forum: 5 days to change paradigms and practices Hall 6 B

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    Alternative Food Forum guides stakeholders of the food industry in the change towards sustainable food, healthy and sustainable food:

    • Through an enlightened analysis of the future stakes and the alternatives in terms of power supply.
    • By encouraging the exchange of best practices.
    • By conveying a positive and constructive message.

    Liste article - Key speakers
    Alternative Food

    Key speakers

    Conferences, pitchs and round tables in the Alternative Food Forum: a show within the show... With multiple events.
    Liste article - Programme des conférences
    Alternative Food

    Conference Program

    The complete 5-day programme will be available from June 2019 on Stay tuned!
    Liste article - Visites guidées
    Alternative Food

    Guided tours

    In 2018, free tours were organized on the topics "Alternative Ingredients" and "New Healthy Alternatives".

    Our partners



    NutriMarketing takes an interest in everything food-related: food creation, physiological processes, processes and technologies, food forms, packaging, and all aspects of communication concerning consumers, influencers and advisers. By marshalling diverse skills - scientific, technical, regulatory, marketing - we help our clients to innovate, develop and create business. Our ethic? To propose a healthier, ever more appetising, ethical, informative and fair offering.

    Our experts remain alert to trends, emerging markets and weak signals, in order to get an idea of what the future has in store, both short and long-term. Our experts are on constant watch for innovations worldwide, and for all scientific, technical and marketing progress.

    Our expertise: innovation monitoring (market studies, presentation of trends); development of innovative concepts and products (game-changing innovations, amplified "me-too", new "food forms"); nutritional communication (nutritional audits, communication strategy, nutritional labelling, development of dedicated communication tools).

    Website (in French)

    Atlantic Santé

    Atlantic Santé

    Atlantic Santé is a communication consulting agency specialised in nutrition, health, food safety and the environment. At the interface between scientific and technological experts, companies from every sector and start-ups, the media and the general public, Atlantic Santé interprets scientific information for each target audience in France and abroad.

    In creating the Healthy Lifestyle Network and surrounding herself with a team of nutrition engineers and communication specialists, Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau, nutritionist, author and entrepreneur (Atlantic Santé, Delibento® and WomUp®) seeks to unite her partners around the same vision of the world of food, health and well-being.

    The activity of Atlantic Santé is built around 5 hubs: Contact (freephone number for crisis management and consumer services), Consulting, Training, Publication and Congress.

    Website (in French)
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