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Groupe Soufflet

Improving the cereal value chain, means supplying our customers with the best products.

  • Selecting varieties best meeting our customers’ needs
  • Technical and agronomic support for farmers to improve quality and yields.
  • On-farm buying, storing and exporting cereals. Processing cereals according to our customers’ specific needs

With that control, we offer tailor-made supply contracts, with particular specifications, from on-farm production to processing.

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Alimavenir is a prospective firm, specialized in the food sector, which offers to public and private actors an independent expertise on past developments and future consumption behaviors. It produces a permanent business intelligence on the emerging trends in the whole food industry (agriculture, food processing, distribution, catering).

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Communication (Agro)Alimentaire

Communication (Agro)Alimentaire is a place combining good food and good words, always soaked through creativity, and spiced up with a hint of impertinence. Advertising campaigns, packaging, marketing operations, innovations and trends, agri-food, food design… in short, all the latest news about food that will whet your appetite!

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Foodly is a blog sharing information about the marketing and agrifood sector. We particularly focus on brand marketing and communication. We also test a selection of interesting products and present our assessment in this blog.

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