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NellyRodi is an innovation and creativity agency with offices in Paris, Tokyo and New York.

The agency has become a name to be reckoned with internationally in the application of forward thinking to industry and the service sector.Our work requires a thorough grasp of contemporary society, specific business sectors and their dynamics, as well as qualified and quantified data. Armed with this knowledge, we assist brands, investment funds and collective organizations in matters relative to their strategic development, marketing, products/range, retail presence and digital ecosystem.The creative process is the central focus of our modus operandi and our methods. In a world subject to ongoing, profound change, brands need to achieve singularity, innovation and on-target marketing. To this end, they must demonstrate bold creativity and master the use of consumer data.


XTC World Innovation logo

XTC World Innovation

XTC was created to serve manufacturers, distributors and service providers involved in the development and sale of new consumer goods, particularly in the food category. In 1995, XTC launched XTCscan, the first online global food innovation database, as well as the XTC Trends Tree, a tool used for segmenting today’s global food trends. Using these exclusive tools, XTC developed the Food Innovation Lab, an approach for generating innovative concepts that are particularly effective, fast and economical.

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Atlantic Santé

Atlantic Santé

Atlantic Santé is a communication consulting agency specialised in nutrition, health, food safety and the environment. At the interface between scientific and technological experts, companies from every sector and start-ups, the media and the general public, Atlantic Santé interprets scientific information for each target audience in France and abroad. 

In creating the Healthy Lifestyle Network and surrounding herself with a team of nutrition engineers and communication specialists, Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau, nutritionist, author and entrepreneur (Atlantic Santé, Delibento® and WomUp®) seeks to unite her partners around the same vision of the world of food, health and well-being.

The activity of Atlantic Santé is built around 5 hubs: Contact (freephone number for crisis management and consumer services), Consulting, Training, Publication and Congress. 

Based in Laval - Paris StationF

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Logo of Club PAI

Club PAI

Club PAI Food Ingredients: crucible of resources and skills network
PAI Club, a non-profit organization, is a circle of exchange, a network of specialized information for B2B professionals. Ingredients, additives and semi-manufactured products are gathered for a synergy of knowledge and skills.

The aim of the Club is to advocate, promote, stimulate innovation and the development of the sector-specific business, one of the few which has continued to grow despite the economic and health crises.
The CLUB seeks to create synergies, alliances and sharing between professionals.

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