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Ecotrophelia aims at promoting entrepreneurship and competitiveness in the European food sector through deploying a network of food excellence and innovation training and organising the national and European food innovation contest: "Les Trophées Étudiants de l’Innovation Alimentaire" ("Student Trophies for Food Innovation"), an ideas incubator for the food industry. ECOTROPHELIA develops a true culture of food innovation in the French and European university and higher education establishment.

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AgroParisTech is the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences, operating under the auspices of the French Ministries for Agriculture and for Higher Education. A stakeholder in higher education and research, this major benchmark establishment of international standing addresses the key issues of the 21st century: feeding people while sustainably managing land; preserving resources; encouraging innovation; and integrating the bioeconomy.  

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Laval Virtual

International benchmark for 20 years in terms of expertise in and development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) usages, LAVAL VIRTUAL opened the Laval Virtual Centre in September 2017. The centre brings together experts in VR, AR and associated technologies (interactive 3D, motion capture, etc.). Its missions are to support all sectors of activity and businesses that wish to use these innovative technologies, and to encourage and accelerate the development of VR/AR projects, through creativity sessions, advice, training, business intelligence, and the provision of equipment, both current and yet to come.

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