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Whitepaper n°5: Foodtech

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Foodtech: A new era for the Food Planet

Just a few words about... Foodtech

Food tech, o2o* food industry, or digital food? No matter how one calls this new sector, its nature/purpose remains the same: creating new ways of buying, storing, cooking or eating food thanks to technology… Or when technology is disrupting the food industry. Historically, Foodtech appeared in the USA some years ago. And nowadays, this sector is undergoing a real boom all over the planet. Everywhere, new apps, new products, and innovative services offer customers a digital experience. Discover this thriving market and all oportunities
on every continent!

*online to off-line

In France, Foodtech start-ups have raised €317 million in funding since 2013 with a threefold increase in the amount invested between 2015 and 2016. These last two years were highlighted by the first funding rounds of over €20 million. 

317 M€ invested in Foodtech startups in France since 2013

French FoodTech accounted for 1.13% of worldwide investment from 2014 to 2016. For France, which has a reputation as the country of gastronomy and has number of major food manufacturers and retail chains, FoodTech is a golden opportunity that remains to be capitalised on.

Fundraising in Foodscience

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