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Food innovation, a source of inspiration

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In 2018, Paris will be a source of food inspiration. Explore the world trends and innovations in the agri-food industry. We will analyse them for you.

SIAL Innovation, a global overview of food innovation

Discover new food products

A not-to-be-missed SIAL Paris event held for the last 20 years, SIAL Innovation reveals the most innovative food products displayed by SIAL exhibitors.

Discover the newest products from all over the world

Two thirds of visitors stated that they had discovered new products on visiting SIAL Innovation*

*Source TNS Sofres / SIAL Paris 2014

Food trends and innovative products @SIALInnovation
SIAL Innovation 2016

Food trends and innovative products

SIAL Paris / MJM Conseil

In 2018:

  • 2,355 products were registered
  • 801 food innovations were selected by a jury of professionals
  • 15 Awards were given to the most innovative products:
    • 13 Awards by product category
    • 2 Awards by buyer target (distributors and restaurant owners).

Identifying the food trends

Once again in 2018, SIAL Paris will reveal the major consumer trends of tomorrow with 3 daily conferences conducted by Kantar TNS, XTC world Innovation and Gira Conseil!

World Tour, the principal retail trends

You want to:

  • understand the specific characteristics of the food market by geographic area
  • discover the best-selling products
  • gain access to useful information for your export strategy?

World Tour is designed to be a true window on the overall food trade: a world tour of the major retail trends that shape the world markets.

Still looking for inspiration?

Culinary trends
La Cuisine, culinary demonstrations

Creativity, show and friendly atmosphere are all guaranteed.

SIAL Paris / MJM Conseil

SIAL Paris also includes:

  • SIAL TV and its many round tables and interviews,
  • La Cuisine, a culinary demonstration area, operated by famous chefs.

And, of course, a profusion of food trends and innovations in the exhibition aisles so that you never run out of ideas! Some 7,200 exhibitors from 119 countries were present in 2018.

78% of exhibitors display new products on their stands*

*Source TNS Sofres / SIAL Paris 2016

Trends, innovation and inspiration? A confirmed factor!

“A world tour of gastronomy”

SIAL is something you simply can't miss!

Why did you attend SIAL Paris?

Tom Pullen: Because SIAL is an absolutely essential meeting place in our business! You have to go there at least once to understand what this means. The exhibition area is really impressive and the quantity of stands and products on display are far superior to anything that I have seen elsewhere. So, for a company like ours, completely open to the outside world, SIAL sets us on a very rewarding journey: a world tour of gastronomy and food trends… while still in Paris!

What do you remember about this year's exhibition?

T. P.: Difficult to choose! But I think that what strikes me most is SIAL’s capability of offering a mixture, an astonishing variety of exhibitors ranging from the standard multinational to the start-up created in a garage.

And in what state of mind are you leaving the show?

T. P.: A bit tired (laughs)! But with plenty of ideas and avenues for growth in mind and, above all, sources of inspiration to invent the products of tomorrow since SIAL also provides very pertinent analyses of current and future food trends.

Tom PULLEN, Global Marketing Director for Activation/ Danone Waters

“Interpreting trends with our clients and suppliers"

“Once again, SIAL proved to be the ideal observatory for the interpretation of trends and innovations: lactose-free, vegetable protein and seaweed products, mushrooms to grow at home, and more. We are leaving this ‘laboratory’ with the feeling that we have learned more about the foodservice trends of the future. Elior has adopted a forward-looking and dynamic approach, involving all its partners, with a VIP Tour organised for clients and suppliers. The inspirational journey taken at SIAL enabled the most noteworthy innovations and future foodservice trends to be revealed and provided the opportunity for an excellent tasting session!”

Delphine Villaret
 Head of Marketing Intelligence and Innovations/ELIOR 

“I trade worldwide in meat and frozen products and am here to see my clients and suppliers. Rather than going to Brazil and flying to the remotest corners of the world, we can find everything here. It’s a key meeting place.”

A visitor

“I manage a company that sells pancakes on street stalls and have come to see new products and observe the trends that matter all over the world. This wouldn’t be possible in the Czech Republic. SIAL provides the opportunity to take a break to think out of the box and confirm or change our business plans. Here, I have all the information I need to hand!”

A visitor