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SIAL Innovation 2016, the podium at the heart of the trend !

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And the 3 winners are...

GOLD Award

Steaks et boulettes de légumineuses 

  • Product description: organic meat substitute using nutrient-rich vegetables and pulses. Source of protein. Rich in fibre. 100 % vegetal. To be pan- or oven-cooked
  • Brand : ICI & LA - LE BOUCHER VERT
  • Variety : green lentil steaks, chickpea steaks, flageolet bean steaks, green lentil balls, chickpea balls, flageolet bean balls=
  • Manufacturer : ICI & LA - LE BOUCHER VERT
  • Country : France
  • Launch date: 11/2015

Selected for healthiness and the pleasure of eating vegetables and pulses



Les moulins à champignons

Product description: a mix of dried mushrooms in a mill. Mushrooms are selected by hand 

  • Brand : SABAROT
  • Variety : porcini, morels, and mixed forest mushrooms
  • Manufacturer : SABAROT
  • Country : France
  • Launch date: 03/2016

Selected for the practicality of having dried mushrooms in a mill



The Meat Cellar

  • Product description: meat, matured for a minimum of 21 days in a cold chamber according to age-old butchering techniques. Tender, tasty French meat. Products selected in partnership with breeders using traditional farming techniques. Presented in a wooden box with cooking instructions. Quality, vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Brand : PUIGRENIER
  • Variety : Charolais - rib of beef, T-Bone steak, faux-filet steak on the bone, filet steak on the bone, marbled steak, spider steak, entrecote, faux-filet steak, filet steak, butcher’s cut, plancha steak
  • Manufacturer : PUIGRENIER.
  • Country : France
  • Launch date: 01/2016

Selected for its high-quality meat, in terms of taste and origin, and for its original packaging

Quinoa with fruit

  • Product description: a dessert of quinoa with fruit served in individual portions with a spoon in the lid.
  • Brand : VIRÚ
  • Variety : mango, blueberry, passion fruit, coconut, papaya, pineapple.
  • Country : Pérou
  • Launch date: 03/2016

Selected for the originality of its quinoa based recipe.

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