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Look deeper... with 360° vision. From ingredients to vegetables, from organic to dry products, all food sectors meet at SIAL Paris to share their views and develop their business.

Look deeper...

Into a dynamic sector and market

  • Worldwide food consumer demand driven by demography (9 billion by 2050) and economy (growing middle class craving for food diversity)
  • Agribusiness: largest sector in the majority of G20 countries
  • 2.1% EU GDP expected growth in 2016
  • EU is no. 1 agribusiness region (import and export)
  • European household food and drink spending represents 14.6% of  income
  • France is the largest industrial sector and food culture*

*Source : Eurostat

Benefit from an inspiring business hub

  • Key producers and buyers join forces to reveal major food trends and face world challenges
  • Excellent return on investment with nearly 6 months’ additional turnover for SIAL 2014 exhibitors (2014 TNS survey)
  • A unique food inspiration platform to test, launch, increase brand awareness, exchange best practices…
  • New services available for you to get even more from taking part (Match-making, VIP services, PR guide, Emails to our database...)

SIAL Paris key figures

“We were keen to play a role… because the SIAL – as the world’s foremost international agribusiness show – is a showcase for excellence.”

Luis Mira, secretary general of the CAP (Portugal)

Live inspiration over five days

  • SIAL Innovation: benefit from this major event to put your products under the spotlight and get immediate attention from 2/3 visitors focusing on innovation
  • World Tour: look deeper into 30 countries’ food trends to adapt your product range or increase your market share…
  • SIAL TV: debates, conferences and interviews around major topics shaping the future of food 
  • La Cuisine: Michelin chefs, demos, recipes, worldwide tour of local foods…
  • Be part of this major live food tasting event Wine & Food Lab, InFood center… So many opportunities to inspire professionals thanks to your products, services, equipment…

The place to be for food

Paris, the capital city of food

  • In 2016, Paris will become the world's capital city of food over five days thanks to SIAL and all stakeholders. The opening day will coincide with the World Food Day organized by UNO.
  • 4th most attractive business city in the world.
  • Top European city for shows; the 500 most important international companies are based in Paris. 
  • Major tourist destination.
  • Enjoy and visit Paris during the exhibition.

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"For a brand with strong local roots in Brittany, but also extensive international exposure,… this window on the world gives us the opportunity to create a showcase for the entire planet.”

Marie Tacquard LOC MARIA (France)