Taste True Meaning … all Planet food stakeholders commit!

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It is precisely the role of SIAL Paris, as the food innovation observer, to throw the spotlight on this dynamic situation! Something is happening, here and now, on Planet Food - and never has the name seemed more appropriate!


Producers, processors, distributors, media, public organisations, consumer associations and, of course, consumers themselves: Planet Food is functioning more and more like an interdependent network, as tastes, recipes and culinary traditions transcend national boundaries.

Yes indeed, something significant is happening. All the studies of our Industry, Consumption and Foodservice experts - to be discovered exclusively here - and all the feedback from the professionals - many of whom will be exhibiting at SIAL Paris 2018 - attest to three major phenomena that are in the process of remodelling Planet Food. These phenomena can be summed up in three epithets: “taste”, “true”, and “meaning”. Notions that have been revamped and refashioned, and have been brought into line with the spirit of the age!

The emergence of these three phenomena has been dependent on the actions and desire of all Planet Food stakeholders, with each stakeholder feeding into and reinforcing the phenomena, as if each one of us were conscious of the commitments incumbent on us, and which are in a way our common deno-minator. This, too, is something new: Planet Food has undergone a paradigm change! And this is no fleeting trend.

It is a revolution, tapping into the very DNA of our sector, and which is transporting us in double-quick time from yesterday's to tomorrow's world.

It is precisely the role of SIAL Paris, as the food innovation observer, to throw the spotlight on this dynamic situation which, ingredient by ingredient, from one continent to the next, is helping determine the contents of our plates in the future.

In this food sector, the future can arrive quickly, very quickly: and so anticipation is the key. The "Taste - True - Meaning" commitment will therefore be a central feature of the 2018 edition of SIAL Paris, to provide support to all professionals in the pursuit of this marvellous process and to offer them the visibility they need, to grow and flourish in France and, of course, abroad, aided by the inherent appeal of Paris, the world's gastronomic capital.

There is already no shortage of the concrete manifestations of this exciting, thought-provoking trend. You will be able to see all this for yourself at the upcoming SIAL Paris and in the SIAL Innovation competition, which never fails to inspire in terms of inventiveness and always whets the appetite in terms of textures and flavours. This year SIAL Paris also proposes, via Future Lab, to let you discover food innovation in the incubation phase - in the throes of invention therefore - for an immersive experience full of sensations and surprises. And since we are giving pride of place to this new world that is coming into being, we are launching as an exclusive the Alter’Native Food forum, an event within the event that showcases healthy and balanced eating.

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