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SIAL is an invitation to “LOOK DEEPER”

This exceptional event lies at the very heart of the agribusiness world, inspiring all those who attend. Year after year, an increasingly large number of innovative companies come from all 4 corners of the globe. In 2016, around 7,000 of them will walk through our doors, largely thanks to favourable international market conditions and demographics (more middle classes and ever-increasing urban development) - factors that revolutionise consumer expectations both in terms of quality and quantity. With 9 to 10 billion mouths to feed tomorrow, ‘growth’ is the biggest issue the food and food distribution sectors will be facing. SIAL Paris is often called the “largest supermarket in the world” and for good reason: it covers 27 hectares (the equivalent of 100 supermarkets!), and provides inspiration to all of ‘Planet Food’ thanks to 5 intense days entirely dedicated to discovering products and trends, and the facilitating of meetings between producers and buyers from around the world. It’s also a fabulous platform for discussion and debate about industry challenges: sustainable food, zero waste, allergies, connected food… Subjects you’re bound to hear about in the SIAL TV studio and as you explore the aisles. It’s within this rich, effervescent climate that the world’s industry players are defining the food of both today and tomorrow. SIAL is an invitation to “look deeper” - to re-invent, to better understand and anticipate consumer needs, and to go beyond borders to get up close and personal with the industry that touches people’s lives every day, everywhere on Earth. SIAL Paris gives you the keys you need to make the most of the experience - guided visits, matchmaking, the SIAL Innovation Observatory, conferences, etc. - tools to help you pinpoint what you’re looking for and network with the right people. The future of the food world is playing out in Paris, at SIAL, from the 16th to 20th October 2016. Immerse yourself in it to get 100% inspired!

Nicolas Trentesaux

Director SIAL Network

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