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Food bowl dizziness: the new consumer's paradigms

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Food – at the heart of consumers’ everyday lives - fascinates us more than ever. On every continent, and in every country and region, socio-cultural revolutions are changing the game, and distribution networks are expressing social diversity.

SIAL Paris 2016: 100% Inspiration

SIAL Paris is often called the world’s biggest hypermarket – and rightly so. But it’s also much more! Yes, it plays an important commercial role (at the heart of the food world), but it also shines light on today’s increasingly passionate, demanding and forward-thinking consumers. It is a source of inspiration for all industry players, and I invite you to use it to build, create and distribute the food of both today and tomorrow - the food that impassioned, modern consumers will take with them into the future.

The world is changing and everyone wants to eat well, but are we all going about it the same way? What value do we give to food? Is it the same everywhere? Do the French like the same things as the Chinese? Do new products in the Middle East also appeal to Americans? What influence does product innovation have on each market? Are consumers looking for classics or do they want a change? Right now our food world is oscillating between digital and technological innovations, and a marked ‘back to basics’ trend. What role will innovation play in overcoming the 21st century challenge of feeding - sufficiently and durably - 9 to 10 billion people? How can we satisfy consumer expectations and deliver more pleasure and quality? Transparency, balance, quality of ingredients, environmental impact… these are the keys to today’s innovations.

SIAL continues to deepen food world knowledge by sponsoring both an exclusive Kantar TNS report on consumer expectations and the traditional XTC World Innovation Panorama on supply trends. Together, they are the means of deciphering the new consumer paradigms. Thanks to this data, SIAL Paris will highlight the signs (from the strongest to the weakest) to look out for during the fair from the 16 - 20 October 2016.

SIAL is all about giving food for thought and inspiration to the myriad of companies that help design, invent and explain the food products of tomorrow. The future is being made today, so don’t miss out!

Nicolas Trentesaux

Key figures:

  • 7,000 exhibitors, 85% international
  •  + 155,000 expected visitors, 70% international
  •  2,180 competing products 
  • + 600 selected innovations

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