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This will be a show within the show, with its own signposting and its own decor, in a quite simply unique environment!

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When SIAL Paris gives Alternative Food the platform it merits, it does so through the creation of a dedicated sector and events. The 2018 edition of SIAL - taking place from 21 to 25 October at Paris-Nord Villepinte – offers Alternative Food stakeholders exceptional visibility.

At the end of June, more than 300 exhibitors had already signed up to represent a unique melting pot of experience

"It is a unique melting pot of experience that we'll be proposing for the first time in 2018", declares an enthusiastic Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Network Director, going on to add: "SIAL has always been at the vanguard in food matters, and this year we wish to go even further with this Alternative Food sector, organised against the backdrop of SIAL, the world's leading food innovation exhibition!" As the event highlight, the Sector will be welcoming many exhibitors from the world of Alternative Food, along with renowned experts on healthy eating and the stars of innovation in this field, whatever their country of origin.

Alter’Native Food Forum

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Over the 5 days of the exhibition, via conferences and roundtables, retail and foodservice professionals, along with manufacturers, will be able to exchange with each other and find out about everything that Alternative Food has to offer them, in terms of both innovations and opportunities.
The Alter’Native Food Forum is also planned to include guided visits to the sector from two perspectives: alternative ingredients (conducted by experts from NutriMarketing) and health (conducted by experts from Atlantic Santé).

Among the topics addressed:
An overview of superfoods, the "clean label", agriculture, sustainable development, and animal well-being.

Some of the topics to be addressed:

Sunday 21 October: "Changing consumer expectations for Organic", conference by Ein Herz für Bio
Over the years, the organic agriculture channel has gained popular ground, and it is now possible to find many organic products in different distribution networks: mass retail, specialist stores, local producers, etc. What are the benefits (environmental, health, animal welfare, etc.) of an organic agriculture and diet? How do we address the growing demand for organic products? What are the objectives of the new strict specifications established in the framework of European regulations?

Monday 22 October: "Regulations: Transparency, Blockchain and Quality Labels" by Emmanuel Audoin, Bureau Veritas
Consumers expect greater transparency from manufacturers. They want to know the source of products and of the ingredients going into them, but they also want to know how, under what conditions and by whom the product was made. To reassure consumers, manufacturers turn to quality labels and deploy blockchains to guarantee the traceability of their products.

Tuesday 23 October: "Food for Seniors: Eating well to age well" with Dr Nicole Vidal, Silver Fourchette Tour and Virginie Van Wymelbeke, Dijon CHU hospital
Over the past 60 years, men and women alike have gained 14 years of life expectancy on average. This increased longevity is not always synonymous with a good state of health. Yet the quality of our diets, throughout our lifetimes, has a major influence both in staving off diseases for younger seniors and for meeting the specific needs of the elderly, as well as preventing the frequent phenomenon of malnutrition. How do we adopt a diet that combines pleasure and a nutritional role for senior citizens and the elderly? How do we eat to age well?

Wednesday 24 October: "New sensory experiences" with the participation of the Paul Bocuse Institute
Driven by curiosity, 45% of the world's consumers like to try out new flavours. The trend is therefore toward new sensory experiences, with the mixing of tastes, flavours, colours and textures. It is time to take inspiration from other countries, other markets, other cultures: all tastes are allowed!

Thursday 25 October: "Transformation of the distribution channels" with the participation of Gilles Raison, JustEat
With ever more demanding consumer expectations in terms of time and efficiency gains, the distribution channels need to adapt. Drive-ins, box-delivery subscriptions, food to-go and home deliveries: what are the new product distribution modes?

The full programme of conferences, roundtables and guided visits will be available this summer from

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