Alter’Native Food: a place apart at the upcoming SIAL Paris

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The Alter’Native Food Sector, a show within a show... and multiple events.

Something is stirring on planet Food… a major phenomenon that SIAL Paris simply had to reflect. It is a mini-revolution which, almost under the radar, is throwing a whole new light on what we put on our plates, and reinventing the way we feed ourselves: Alternative Food – to give it its name - is all about concocting healthier food, more respectful of nature and of animal well-being.

The Alter’Native Food Sector, a show within a show... and multiple events.
What is it exactly?

Today, artisans and manufacturers, the creators and inventors of the food of tomorrow, are brimming with ideas and notions around the concept of Alternative Food. Basically, it's simple: you can find it more or less everywhere and to suit every taste. Example of this are the shelves of food stores, which are now full of products containing plant proteins (wheat, soya, pulse proteins, etc.), with the desire for healthy eating inextricable from eating pleasure, and manufacturers focussing in particular on how food looks and how it tastes. As a result, the number of innovations based on meat substitutes now exceeds the number of meat-based innovations. And consumers keep coming back for more: the very essence of popular demand!

Another typical example is the case of fermented foods, such as Kombucha, Kefir and Kimchi: foods known since ancient times and which have once again become newly-popular among consumers for their natural properties and health virtues.


Alternative Food: planetary phenomenon

Health concerns, therefore, may be what predominantly underlie the success of Alternative Food. After the major food crises of the '90s and early 2000's, consumers are turning toward food that is perceived, rightly or wrongly, as healthier and more ethical. For these consumers, it is not a question of taking care of their health through their diet, but rather of taking care of themselves while taking pleasure in what they eat! Hence the success of products with original flavours and textures, incorporating a well-being dimension. Plant-based milks or yoghurts, "free-from" products, enriched with super fruits or super vegetables, natural energy drinks: Alternative Food can be found on the menu, any time and any place! Worldwide, one-third of consumers believe that the presence of organic-origin products plays a large part in their purchasing decisions (source: Food 360° Kantar TNS).


The Alter’Native Food Sector, a show within a show... and multiple events
Alternative Food Forum_star event

Such a phenomenon certainly merited special attention. SIAL Paris is therefore giving Alternative Food the space it deserves. With the creation of a dedicated sector and events, SIAL 2018, which takes place from 21 to 25 October at Paris- Nord Villepinte, will be proposing a unique showcase for Alternative Food stakeholders! This will be a show within the show, which will have its own signposting and its own decor, in a quite simply unique environment!


A unique pot-pourri of experiences

As the event highlight, the Sector will be welcoming many exhibitors from the Alternative Food planet, renowned experts on healthy eating, and the stars of innovation in this field, whatever their country of origin."It is a unique pot-pourri of experiences that we will be proposing for the first time in 2018," explains an enthusiastic Nicolas Trentesaux, Director of the SIAL network: "SIAL has always been at the vanguard in food matters, and this year we wish to go even further with this Alternative Food sector, organised against the backdrop of SIAL, the world's leading food innovation exhibition."


Alter’Native Food Forum


Logo Alter'Native Food Forum

Over the 5 days of the exhibition, retail and foodservice professionals, along with manufacturers, will be able to exchange with each other and find out about everything that Alternative Food has to offer them, in terms of both innovation and opportunity, by way of conferences and roundtables. The Alter’Native Food Forum is also planned to include bilingual guided visits to the sector from two perspectives: alternative ingredients (conducted by experts from NutriMarketing) and health (conducted by experts from Atlantic Santé). The topics proposed include an overview of superfoods, the "clean label", agriculture 2.0, sustainable development, and animal well-being.

The full programme of conferences, roundtables and guided visits will be available in June 2018, from Thanks to SIAL Paris, Alternative Food will soon be far more than just an alternative!

About our experts for the forum:


NutriMarketing takes an interest in everything food-related: food creation, physiological processes, processes and technologies, food forms, packaging, and all aspects of communication concerning consumers, influencers and advisers. By marshalling diverse skills - scientific, technical, regulatory, marketing - we help our clients to innovate, develop and create business. Our ethic? To propose a healthier, ever more appetising, ethical, informative and fair offering.
Our experts remain alert to trends, emerging markets and weak signals, in order to get an idea of what the future has in store, both short and long-term. Our experts are on constant watch for innovations worldwide, and for all scientific, technical and marketing progress.
Our expertise: innovation monitoring (market studies, presentation of trends); development of innovative concepts and products (game-changing innovations, amplified "me-too", new "food forms"); nutritional communication (nutritional audits, communication strategy, nutritional labelling, development of dedicated communication tools).

Atlantic Santé

Atlantic Santé is a communication consulting agency specialised in nutrition, health, food safety and the environment. At the interface between scientific and technological experts, companies from every sector and start-ups, the media and the general public, Atlantic Santé interprets scientific information for each target audience in France and abroad.

In creating the Healthy Lifestyle Network and surrounding herself with a team of nutrition engineers and communication specialists, Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau, nutritionist, author and entrepreneur (Atlantic Santé, Delibento® and WomUp®) seeks to unite her partners around the same vision of the world of food, health and well-being.

The activity of Atlantic Santé is built around 5 hubs: Contact (freephone number for crisis management and consumer services), Consulting, Training, Publication and Congress. Find out more on the agency website.

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The following can be found in the Alter’Native Food sector at SIAL Paris, to inspire the food world of tomorrow:


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