1. The SIAL Paris 2022 event

Are there any events scheduled for 2022? Fermer

In keeping with our mission, it remains our firm intention to keep in touch with our market and accompany the recovery and the transformation of food industry market players. At each edition, we decipher the market and the trends emerging in the world food sector, and we have tirelessly reinvented ourselves over more than 50 years as the imperative go-to figure in the food industry.

We will consequently be offering a series of new events from October 2022 onwards dealing with major global issues, trends and innovation that are set to shape the food industry of the future.

These highlights will include major international and exclusive studies, conducted by the expert partners of SIAL: Kantar, ProtéinesXTC and NPD. Cutting edge analysis of leading trends and how they evolve over time, based on a three-pillar approach: Customer expectations, Product innovation and Out-of-home food service behaviour.

2. Visitor badge

3. Visitor area

Where can I access my visitor's area ? Fermer

You can access your personal space by logging on to this site: https://badge.sialparis.fr/en/home.htm

What can I do in my visitors area? Fermer

After any order in the SIAL shop, a Visitors area is automatically created. This personal space allows you to :

  • Track your orders online
  • Print your badges
  • Request invitation letter (visa) related to the badges ordered
  • Print your payment slips (no other slips issued)
  • Placing a new order
  • Finalize an unfinished (or running) order

How can I retrieve the password to access my Visitors area ? Fermer

For security reasons, the SIAL team cannot under any circumstances communicate your password by telephone or e-mail. We invite you to click on the Forgotten password link on the home page of your Personal Space.

4. SIAL Network

Are there any international events planned? Fermer

We will continue to expand our global network to offer regional growth platforms with major annual gatherings in China, Canada, Indonesia, India and the United Arab Emirates. More information on SIAL Network's website.

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