1. Measures

What are the accompanying measures available to me? Fermer

For all requests concerning accompanying measures for SIAL Paris 2022, we invite you to contact your dedicated sales representative.

2. The SIAL Paris 2022 event

Are there any events scheduled for 2022? Fermer

In keeping with our mission, it remains our firm intention to keep in touch with our market and accompany the recovery and the transformation of food industry market players. At each edition, we decipher the market and the trends emerging in the world food sector, and we have tirelessly reinvented ourselves over more than 50 years as the imperative go-to figure in the food industry.

We will consequently be offering a series of new events from October 2022 onwards dealing with major global issues, trends and innovation that are set to shape the food industry of the future.

These highlights will include major international and exclusive studies, conducted by the expert partners of SIAL: Kantar, ProtéinesXTC and NPD. Cutting edge analysis of leading trends and how they evolve over time, based on a three-pillar approach: Customer expectations, Product innovation and Out-of-home food service behaviour.

3. Invoicing

I have not received my invoice Fermer

You can find it on your exhibitor section in Financial area > Invoices and payment. If you do not see it, it means that it has not yet been sent to you and will be sent to you as soon as possible by our invoicing department. If you are not the one paying, then you will not have access to the invoices and we advise you to contact directly the company in charge of the payment of your participation.

Where can I find SIAL's banking details? Fermer

You will find SIAL's RIB at the bottom of your invoices.

4. Exhibitor Section

I have not received my password. Fermer

Access codes to your exhibitor section will no longer be sent to you by email.

  • Login: email address given during registration/
  • Password: click on forgotten password, it is up to you to create your own password.

We do not have access to this kind of information.

5. SIAL Network

Are there any international events planned? Fermer

We will continue to expand our global network to offer regional growth platforms with major annual gatherings in China, Canada, Indonesia, India and the United Arab Emirates. More information on: https://www.sial-network.com

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