1. Access to the exhibition center

When can I order my technical services (furniture, electricity, etc.)? Fermer

Technical orders are available on your exhibitor area.

Where should I send my equipment? Fermer

The address to be given is as follows
SIAL 2022
Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
ZAC Paris Nord 2
93420 Villepinte - France
Specifying :
Name and stand number of the exhibitor
Name and mobile phone number of an on-site contact94410 VILLEPINTE FRANCE.

ATTENTION, delivery and reception are carried out under the responsibility of the exhibitor and in his presence on the stand. The Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre or the organiser cannot be held responsible in any way.

How can I get to the exhibition centre for delivery and to the exhibitors' car park? Fermer

Parking is free of charge during set-up and dismantling, but you must register each vehicle on LOGIPASS.

You will find the link in your exhibitor area. https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/participation/parkings.htm
Access to the exhibitor car park is via the A104, exit n°1

E-Parking: mail for barcode printing (light vehicles only) to enter the site.  

You will find them in the exhibitor area

On site, the exhibitor must print his badge (to be placed under his windscreen) and his magnetic card to be able to enter and leave the car park as he wishes

On-site purchase possible at kiosks

Specific parking spaces (trucks) ordered must be collected from the exhibitors' reception (assembly). The exhibitor cannot collect it before the opening, he can access the car park free of charge and must go through the reception to obtain the ordered space.

All vehicles entering the exhibition grounds during the opening of the exhibition must be provided with an exhibitor parking space. 

Parking spaces for the ESSENTIAL, DESIGN, PREMIUM, OPTIMUM and PRESTIGE stands are ordered by their provider: CREATIFS

Where can I order my parking space? Fermer

To order a parking space, you must go to your customer / exhibitor area: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/boutique/recherche/resultat.htm?Crit_ProductEngine2_V3EVT=x_SousFamille_Produits__x_FamSFam%3AF090

2. Assembly/Disassembly

What are the dates for assembly/disassembly? Fermer

The dates and times for the assembly/disassembly of SIAL Paris are available in your exhibitor area and in your exhibitor guide. https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/infos-pratiques/telecharger-les-infos-pratiques.htm 

How do I order assembly/disassembly badges for my service providers and subcontractors? Fermer

The assembly/disassembly badges for your service providers and subcontractors are not nominative and will be available at the entrance to the halls from the start of the assembly. They will be distributed by the security service set up by the organiser. They are not valid during the period of opening to the public.

I have a logistical question. Who can I contact? Fermer

If you have any logistical questions, please do not hesitate to consult our exhibitor's guide. If your question is not answered in the guide, please contact our team by e-mail at [email protected]

I would like to obtain technical and logistical information Fermer

All this information can be found in the exhibitor's technical guide which can be downloaded from your exhibitor's area.

Can I get an exemption for assembly or disassembly? Fermer

The derogations only concern the dates of assembly, dismantling and working hours and are subject to a fee this year:

- from 24 to 299 m² : 350 euros / day

- from 300 to 699 m² : 600 euros / day

- over 700 m² : 800 euros /day


You can send your request to


before 5 October :

[email protected]

or +33 (0)9 67 78 93 85

You can find this type of information in the exhibitor guide here[EC1] 


When will the power be turned on? Fermer

For all halls, the power-ups will be as follows:

Thursday 13 and Friday 14 from 7.30am - 10pm

Saturday 15 : 8H-20H

Sunday 16 to Tuesday 18: 9H - 20H

Wednesday 19: 9H - 19H30

3. Accommodation

Can you recommend any hotels? Fermer

To consult the accommodation offers proposed by B-Network, the official hotel reservation centre of the show and benefit from a preferential rate for your hotel reservation, click here: https://www.sialparis.fr/Infos-Pratiques/Hebergement 

4. Miscellaneous

Where can I find the list of exhibitors? Fermer

The list of registered exhibitors can be found on the exhibition website: https://www.sialparis.fr/Exposants/Catalogue-SIAL-Paris/exhibitors 

The SIAL Network: are there any international events planned? Fermer

We will continue to grow our global network to provide regional growth platforms with major annual events in China, Canada, Indonesia, India and the USA. More information on: https://www.sial-network.com 

I am an exhibitor and I need a visa, how do I go about it? Fermer

 You can apply for a visa when you apply for a badge here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/badges-invitations.htm

The exhibitor receives the invitation letter by email.

Please note: each invitation letter must be attached to a name badge.

I want to rent a room Fermer

Do you need extra space for meetings, press conferences, or to host clients in a private area? Open to exhibitors only.

Please contact VIPARIS

Contact: Karine BOURIOT

Tel: + 33(0)1 48 63 31 12

Mail: [email protected]

5. Entertainment / Reception / Events / Cocktails

What are the events organised by the fair? Fermer

-SIAL Innovation: decoding innovations and consumer trends in the food industry worldwide

- THE KITCHEN: a space for culinary demonstrations, a showroom of products specific to the restaurant industry, a selection of gourmet products

- SIAL Talks: the official channel of the show which centralizes the highlights of the show and brings together professionals and experts

- Future Lab: Dive into the food trends of 2030

To consult the programme of events, go to www.sialparis.com


6. The badges

How many exhibitor badges am I entitled to? Fermer

The quota of badges allocated to exhibitors is 1 badge/4m².
Please note that for the pavilions, the total quota includes the co-exhibitors' quota and it is therefore up to the organizing exhibitor to dispatch them.

How do I get my exhibitor badges back? Fermer

You can edit and download your exhibitor badges from your exhibitor area.
Please note that you will need a unique email address for each badge to be edited. Once created, you will be able to download them individually or as a whole in PDF.


How can I personalise my exhibitor badges? Fermer

You must personalise them in your exhibitor area in the tab and heading "Badges & Invitations > Exhibitor badges" or by clicking on the button in the "Home" tab.

How do I order my provider badges? Fermer

You can order your supplier badges from your exhibitor area.
There is no quota limit.
Please note: the service provider badges only give access to the exhibition during the assembly and dismantling periods. Access will be refused during the opening days of the exhibition.


The number of badges you receive depends on the size of your stand (quotas are indicated in your exhibitor guide).
Additional badges can be ordered directly from your exhibitor area in the Shop.

Where and when can I pick up my badges? Fermer

To get your badges, we advise you to create them directly on your exhibitor space and to print them (recommended solution).
However, your badges can be collected at the exhibition (if the balance of the stand has been paid), from 13 October 2022 from 9 am at the exhibitor reception desk located in pavilions 5A, 5B and 7.

7. Exhibitor registration

Individual companies: You wish to share your stand with one or more companies Fermer

You must have subscribed to the Partner registration fee.
You can subscribe them during the initial registration and you can also take it after registration in the Shop on your exhibitor space.
To declare them, you can go to the "Partners" tab then to "Declare my partners".

Are there collective stands/pavilions? Can several people exhibit on one stand ? Fermer

Yes, to register a co-exhibitor or group exhibitor, the direct exhibitor or organiser must first order the corresponding item from the online shop. For example, for a co-exhibitor, the item "Co-exhibitor package" must be ordered.


This order can be placed either when registering or once the latter has been validated in the online shop in the customer/exhibitor area. Once the order has been placed, the exhibitor then enters the information associated with this registration in the "Partners" tab, then "Declare my partners".


Once entered, he must wait for the Organiser's validation so that his partner company can be included in the list of exhibitors on the website.

Can we choose our location ? Fermer

You can inform your sales representative of your location requirements and he or she will do his or her best to accommodate you. A plan of your location will then be submitted to you for acceptance.

What documents do I need to provide for my registration ? Fermer

A Kbis with all your details will be requested.

What is the deadline for finalising the registration ? Fermer

You have until the day before the exhibition opens on 14 October 2022 to register (subject to availability).

Who can I contact before and after I register ? Fermer

Before you register you can contact our sales team: https://www.sialparis.com/Practical-info/Sales-Team

Once you have registered for the exhibition, your privileged contacts are our account managers: [email protected].

8. My stand and equipment

What are the different stand offers ? Fermer

We offer different types of stands at SIAL Paris: the bare stand, the basic stand, the equipped stand, the customised stand, the comfort stand, the discovery stand, the catering stand, the craft stand... Contact our sales team for more information: https://www.sialparis.com/Exhibit/Why-exhibit.

I have a bare stand, who can I send my plan to ? Fermer

If you have a bare stand, you must send your plan to the following address: [email protected]

Where can I find the architectural regulations ? Fermer

You can find the architectural regulations in your Exhibitor Area, in the "Practical information" section.

I have an equipped stand, who should I send my plan to ? Fermer

If you have an equipped stand, the service provider will contact you directly.

Quelles sont les différentes offres de stand? Fermer

Nous proposons différents types de stands sur SIAL Paris : le stand nu, le stand basique, le stand équipé, le stand sur mesure, le stand confort, le stand découverte, le stand restauration, le stand artisanat... Rapprochez-vous de notre équipe commerciale pour en savoir plus : https://www.sialparis.fr/Exposer/Pourquoi-exposer

Where can I find all the regulations, terms and conditions ...? Fermer

The various regulations can be downloaded from your client/exhibitor area, "Practical information" tab, https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/infos-pratiques/reglements-cgv.htm

What colour will the carpet be Fermer

The carpet will be black (Expocolor reference: 0910 BLACK)

9. Invitations

Am I entitled to invitations? Fermer

Yes, invitation cards are included in your exhibitor package, the number of which depends on the size of your stand (quotas are indicated in your exhibitor guide). Additional invitation cards can be ordered.

How to receive visitor invitations? Fermer

In your exhibitor area, here: https://badge.sialparis.fr/espace-exposant/accueil/e-invitations.htm

Where will I receive the paper invitations? Fermer

You will be able to access your e-invitations and send them by email to your customers.

Invitations to Sial Paris 2022 are exclusively in digital form.

How do I use my e-invitations? Fermer

In your exhibitor area, here: https://badge.sialparis.fr/espace-exposant/accueil/e-invitations.htm

You will be able to access your e-invitations and send them by email to your customers

10. Communication / Catalogue

How to register for the catalogue? Fermer

You can register for the catalogue via the CXMP Marketplace from your exhibitor area by clicking here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/communication/inscription-catalogue.html

How to fill in the cxmp market place Fermer

You can complete the profile of your brands and products on the CXMP Marketplace from your exhibitor area by clicking here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/communication/inscription-catalogue.html 

Where can I generate and download my custom banner ? Fermer

You can create your own banners with the help of our tool: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/communication/mediakit.htm

How can I order communication tools? Fermer

To order communication tools, you must go to your exhibitor area, tab "Shop". If you need information, you can download the catalogue of communication tools, which can also be downloaded from your exhibitor area, also from the "Communication" tab. You can also contact your sales representative from the Sial Paris team.

How can I participate in the Sial Innovation competition ? Fermer

You can declare your new products and participate in Sial Innovation from your exhibitor space: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/communication/declaration-des-nouveautes.htm 

11. Measures

What are the accompanying measures available to me? Fermer

For all requests concerning accompanying measures for SIAL Paris 2022, we invite you to contact your dedicated sales representative.

12. The SIAL Paris 2022 event

Are there any events scheduled for 2022 ? Fermer

In keeping with our mission, it remains our firm intention to keep in touch with our market and accompany the recovery and the transformation of food industry market players. At each edition, we decipher the market and the trends emerging in the world food sector, and we have tirelessly reinvented ourselves over more than 50 years as the imperative go-to figure in the food industry.

We will consequently be offering a series of new events from October 2022 onwards dealing with major global issues, trends and innovation that are set to shape the food industry of the future.

These highlights will include major international and exclusive studies, conducted by the expert partners of SIAL: Kantar, ProtéinesXTC and NPD. Cutting edge analysis of leading trends and how they evolve over time, based on a three-pillar approach: Customer expectations, Product innovation and Out-of-home food service behaviour.

Are there any events and animations planned for 2022 ? Fermer

True to our mission, we are committed to staying in touch and supporting the recovery and transformation of the food industry. At each edition, we decipher the market and the trends of the global food sector and have been reinventing ourselves for more than 50 years as a key player in the food industry.

As a result, from October 2022 onwards, we will be offering new events focusing on the major global issues, trends and innovations that will shape the food industry of tomorrow.

These highlights will include exclusive international studies on the world's food supply, conducted by SIAL's expert partners: Kantar, ProtéinesXTC and NPD. An in-depth analysis of the major trends and how they will evolve over time, based on the triptych: Consumer expectations, Product innovation and Out-of-home catering behaviour.

What are the dates / times of the exhibition ? Fermer

Access to the exhibition is from 15 to 18 October 2022 from 10:00 to 18:30 and on 19 October 2022 from 10:00 to 17:00.

13. Exhibitor Section

I have not received my password. Fermer

Access codes to your exhibitor section will no longer be sent to you by email.

  • Login: email address given during registration/
  • Password: click on forgotten password, it is up to you to create your own password.

We do not have access to this kind of information.

How do I access my exhibitor area? Fermer

Your exhibitor area is accessible from the following address: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/en/   Click on the "Log in" button, then enter the e-mail address attached to your registration and your password.

I have lost/forgotten my password for my exhibitor area. How can I get it back? Fermer

Access codes to your exhibitor area are no longer sent to you by e-mail. If you lose or forget your password, simply enter your login and click on "Forgotten password". A new password will then be automatically sent to you by e-mail, to the address of the exhibition manager.

Remember to add the email: [email protected]  to your address book to prevent your new password communication from ending up in the Junk mail category.

Why don't I have any items to buy in my shop? Fermer

You will not be able to order TECHNICAL SERVICES in the shop if you have not been allocated a stand number. The equipped stands do not see any items in my shop (except for invitation cards) because they order from Créatifs even for parking.

Please note: CLOSING OF THE SHOP at the time of set-up for opening in Exhibitors' Reception on site

What is the purpose of the forms on the Exhibitor Area? Fermer

There are 2 types of forms: 1/ The compulsory forms for all exhibitors: the Safety Notice and/or the declaration of machines in operation. EQUIPPED STANDS MUST ALSO COMPLETE IT The other forms will appear in the exhibitors' area once they have been completed

2/ Optional forms: kitchen declaration (if you wish to install a kitchen on your stand), delegation of orders (if you wish to use a decorator, reminder: all orders will be invoiced in the name of the decorator and you cannot view them).

14. Orders & invoices

I have not received my invoice Fermer

You can find it on your exhibitor section in Financial area > Invoices and payment. If you do not see it, it means that it has not yet been sent to you and will be sent to you as soon as possible by our invoicing department. If you are not the one paying, then you will not have access to the invoices and we advise you to contact directly the company in charge of the payment of your participation.

Where can I find SIAL's banking details? Fermer

You will find SIAL's RIB at the bottom of your invoices.

Quels sont les modes de règlement acceptés? Fermer

Vous pouvez régler par chèque, virement. 
Le paiement en espèces est accepté, ce mode de paiement est directement à voir sur place lors du montage. 
Chèque : 
Il doit être remis à l'ordre de : 
70 avenue du Générale de Gaulle
Virement : 
Les coordonnées bancaires pour effectuer un virement se trouve directement sur votre facture, disponible si besoin directement dans votre espace client > Onglet Espace Financier > Factures & Règlements

Comment se passe la récupération de la tva? Fermer

Pour toutes les informations et démarches concernant une demande de remboursement de la TVA, vous pouvez vous adresser directement à notre représentant fiscal : TEVEA INTERNATIONAL [email protected]

Peut-on payer en plusieurs fois ? Fermer

Oui, pour cela vous devez vous rapprocher de votre commercial ou de notre service comptabilité [email protected] 

Is my order received? and How do I check the contents of my order? Fermer

Go to your exhibitor's area, section Ordered items

How do I cancel my order? You can delete or modify an order in "basket" status. ( The order is not yet validated

How do I cancel my order ? Fermer

For an order already validated, make a request by e-mail to the ADV at [email protected] .
Once the deletion has been made by us, you (as the trade show manager) will receive an email asking you to confirm the deletion (you must accept or refuse the deletion, if you refuse the deletion, the order remains valid)

If the order concerns an article from one of our service providers, the request is also made by email to [email protected] .
Once the deletion has been made, it must be validated by the supplier.
Once validated by the provider, you (as the trade show manager) will receive an email asking you to confirm the deletion.

NOTE: To confirm the deletion, click on "ACCEPT". To refuse the deletion, click on "REFUSE".

How do I change my order? Fermer

The exhibitor can delete or modify an order in "basket" status.

The order is not yet validated) Once the order has been validated by the exhibitor, he cannot delete or modify it. An email must therefore be sent to the ADV: [email protected] . Once the cancellation has been made in the back office, the exhibitor receives an email to confirm the modification.

What are the terms and conditions of the decoration and furniture credit packages? Fermer

Go here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/boutique/recherche/resultat.htm?Crit_ProductEngine2_V3EVT=x_SousFamille_Produits__x_FamSFam%3AF050

3 sub-sections: - ADDITIONAL FITTING OF TEAM STANDS (Insurance) - FITTING OUT OF BARE STANDS - CLEANING & WASTE REMOVAL". Floral decoration Go here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/boutique/recherche/resultat.htm?Crit_ProductEngine2_V3EVT=x_SousFamille_Produits__x_FamSFam%3AF110 IT and audiovisual Go here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/boutique/recherche/resultat.htm?Crit_ProductEngine2_V3EVT=x_SousFamille_Produits__x_FamSFam%3AF070 For all audiovisual matters: AUDIOVISUAL section For all Internet and telephony matters: TELEPHONY & INTERNET The orders of the equipped stands are taken care of by their provider: CREATIF Prices increased by 20% from the beginning of October". Furniture Go here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/boutique/recherche/resultat.htm?Crit_ProductEngine2_V3EVT=x_SousFamille_Produits__x_FamSFam%3AF080 For all matters concerning the purchase of tables, stools, drink dispensers Orders for equipped stands are taken care of by their provider: CREATIVE Communication tools Go here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/communication/promotion-communication.htm In this section, the exhibitor can order Communication Tools via his catalogue entry Park services Go here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/boutique/recherche.htm

- Water, electricity, air section - Parking section - Sling support section Prices increased by 20% from October Orders for equipped stands are taken care of by their provider: CREATIVE Exhibitor services (cleaning, waste removal) Go here: https://event.sialparis.com/2020/espace-exposant/extranet-exposant/accueil/boutique/recherche/resultat.htm?Crit_ProductEngine2_V3EVT=x_SousFamille_Produits__x_FamSFam%3AF050 Mandatory daily cleaning (included with the pitch reservation) including : - floor suctioning - emptying of bins - wiping of counters and furnishings. Optional cleaning (washing of floors, removal of waste, restoration of the site the day before opening, rental of skips, etc.)

15. SIAL Network

Are there any international events planned? Fermer

We will continue to expand our global network to offer regional growth platforms with major annual gatherings in China, Canada, Indonesia, India and the United Arab Emirates. More information on: https://www.sial-network.com

16. Contact our exhibitor hotline

How to contact us? Fermer

The SIAL team is available to answer your queries by phone +33 (0)1 76 77 13 33

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