SIAL Connect - Meat Chapter Programme

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 2 days to benefit from expert keynotes and get inspired by supplier pitches! 



Keynotes from experts 

Insightful themes with contributions from international experts highly acknowledged in their field. An agenda dealing with the trends and innovations from around the world in the areas of meat, animal welfare, new consumption patterns and food safety; but also a special focus on opportunities in the Chinese market.


Program in progress


KEYNOTE July, 7th, 2:00pm  : European Meat Supply in the Global Context – Implications for buyer strategy

Rupert Claxton - GIRA

Rupert has worked for Gira for the last 18 years, researching and analysing the global livestock and meat supply chains, and the shifting demand patterns.  In the last couple of years the developments have focussed on the stress of ASF in China and more recently Covid, but Rupert continues to work with the Gira team on global issues

Abstract: The European meat market is increasingly impacted by global dynamics, after a challenging 2020, the market continues to grapple with Covid-19, strong Chinese demand, and now the highest feed costs since 2011.  Buyers in the European and global markets must continue to plan for the ongoing challenges that these present, whilst factoring in the added uncertainty created by the on-off foodservice trade, Brexit, and a weak economic outlook.  The need to read the signals in the market, plan your buying strategy, and minimise risk ahs never been more challenging, yet imperative to making the most of 2021.


KEYNOTE July 8th, 2:00 pm: Consumer Influence on EU Meat Demand

Rupert Claxton - GIRA

Abstract: Covid-19 has grabbed every headline, masking for a period the trends that were present and still are present in the European meat market.  As the impact of Covid-19 fades, the industry must get back to tackling the consumer issues that persist, and in some areas have been amplified throughout the last year.  The challenge form meat alternatives, and the flexitarian trend persists. This must be combined with the ongoing challenge around, animal welfare and sustainability, all of which can be well answered by producers in Europe, but at rising costs, can consumers put their wallets where their moth is? Or must the industry foot the bill. At the same time, Covid-19 has increased consumers awareness of health and wellbeing, whilst accelerating eCommerce… The European meat market is challenging, far from level, but still represents one of the highest priced meat markets in the world, all is not lost

  KEYNOTE  July 8th, 11:00am: Which trends & new offers on the meat market worldwide.

Antoine Mercier, Scientific Director of ProtéinesXTC and "Food, science and society" expert - Protéines/XTC 

Antoine has over 20 years experience in the food and health sector and specialises in crisis management, communication and food safety management. After working for Danone Group, he now manages the scientific department of the food and innovation consulting group ProtéinesXTC since 2006. Antoine studies the relationship between food, science and society.


Abstract: An analyze of the "Meat" category dynamism in the major regions of the world. Sophistication, naturalness, health, animal welfare... what are the current drivers for innovation? Figures, trends, examples of relevant new products worldwide.

Based on the Global Food Innovation Barometer study and "INSPIRE "database on global food innovation.

KEYNOTE July 7th 11:00 am:

Animal welfare at EU level: an update from the European Commission

Lucie Carrouée, Deputy Head of Unit - Unit SANTE G5 “Antimicrobial resistance and animal welfare”,  DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE) - European Commission

Abstract:The representative of the European Commission will present the work ongoing at EU level to prepare an overall revision of the EU animal welfare legislation (covering on farm welfare, transport and welfare at slaughter), as announced in the EU Farm to Fork Strategy. Work ongoing on animal welfare labelling, the European Citizens’ Initiative “end the cage age”, or the transport of live animals by sea, will also be mentioned


KEYNOTE July 8th, 3:30pm: In the age of 4.0, the major issues facing the industry

David Barreiro - EUROCARNE

Abstract: "I've seen things you wouldn't believe" is a trip to the future. A trip to the year 2050 to see how will be the world and, in particular, the world of food. Social, cultural and economic issues will modify the concept that we have today of food production. Also, Distribution, retail, will experience incredible changes in the coming decades and the emergence of concepts such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence will define life in factories with the definitive consolidation of Industry 4.0.  Come and face the change of the future.

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