SIAL Connect - Meat Chapter : 7-8 July 2021

Discover the new digital business event dedicated to meat products and their equipment

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SIAL continues to inspire food professionals by the launching a new series of international digital events: SIAL Connect. Designed to provide ultra-qualified business opportunities, Sial Connect display as well inspired content & market insights. The first event, Meat Chapter, will connect top meat industry players.

A meeting not to be missed

What is SIAL Connect Meat Chapter?

SIAL Connect Meat Chapter is an international digital event that links, via a dedicated platform, meat product buyers from Europe, UK, Switzerland, Russia & China and top countries meat providers & processors worldwide

All meat sub-sectors are concerned from butcher’s meat to poultry & game, cured meat, as well as their equipment.

The event is focused on efficiency, providing an optimized user interface, allowing attendees to create their own a-la-carte program based upon their interests and personalized meeting recommendations.

Business oriented, SIAL Connect Meat chapter interface provides rich functionalities, for both providers & buyers, like chats, reporting, agenda & schedules management, personalized recommendations, interested lists.

What is the programme of the event?

The event consists in 1on1 meetings, top keynote speakers’ sessions, product pitches & chatting features.

  • 1on1 video meetings, 15 minutes long, are at the core of the event. They will start connections and allow potential business to emerge quickly.
  • Product pitches will allow buyers to get useful information on brands, specific products and markets. They will then be able to start chating or meeting the speaker if interested.
  • Keynote sessions will showcase international expert speakers, delivering enlightening content on the meat market, on topics such as New consumption habits influence on meat market, food safety, latest trends and innovations, glance on animal welfare new legislations, opportunities on Chinese Markets…

4 good reasons to attend the event :

An efficient source of business
  • The carefully selected attendees are all looking for business exchange, making every meeting worthwhile.
  • Selection is made upon both buyers and providers need by specialist SIAL team.
  • Buyers will be able to source new international provides while providers will access new markets.
A time-saving event
  • The interface provides an optimized user experience, making it easy to concentrate on business
  • The personalized agenda allows each attendee to organize its meetings depending on their time available and interest
Rich content & market insights
  • The keynote talks, available only to the registered attendees, provide the latest trends and market insights dedicated on meat Market
  • All attendees receive a free copy of SIAL Connect meat chapter white paper, and can catch up later with the keynotes
Over 50 years of expertise of the world leader in connecting food industry players, SIAL Paris
  • Sial Paris has an extensive experience in connecting meat players since its origin in 1964.
  • Meat sector is in the Top3 industries of the event for several editions, displaying over 550 exhibitors.
  • Sial unfold a network of 10 shows around the world, securing an unrivaled experience in international fairs.

Providers registration  Buyers registration

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