Démonstrations culinaires 2018
La Cuisine

On the menu in La Cuisine

Top chefs, cookery classes and culinary demos featuring products on display at the exhibition…. La Cuisine is the place to be for food service professionals!

Develop your creativity by attending a show of culinary demonstrations !

Sial La cuisine

La Cuisine consists of 45-minute culinary demonstrations performed every day by famous chefs. This unique culinary show stages SIAL Paris exhibitors’ products on the basis of current topics and trends.

New 2018! 

Renowned international chefs gave cooking classes every morning in the "La Cuisine" area. 

Cours de cuisine
Cours de cuisine

©Foucha, Muyard, Dherines


Famous chefs will be present at SIAL Paris

Yannick Alléno
Yannick Alléno

©Foucha, Muyard, Dherines

After Chef Joël Robuchon in 2016, three-star Chef Yannick Alléno sponsored the 2018 edition of SIAL Paris.

Rediscover here the names of the  famous chefs who feasted you in 20   

La Cuisine partners

About Rungis : Rungis is the biggest fresh food produce market in the world. More than 2.9 million tonnes of food produce pass through it every year! A highly efficient logistics infrastructure in the heart of the Ile-de-France motorway network and 7 km from Paris, it is a major symbol of French gastronomy, encompassing peerless product diversity: fruit & veg, fish, catering products, meats, cheese, etc. In 2018, Rungis is opening its online sales website: Everything that makes Rungis so unique will soon be just a click away for its professional clients! For more information: rungismarket.com

About Eurochef :  EUROCHEF is a nationwide network that develops a range of premium culinary equipment, supplied by the leaders of the market. 51 dynamic companies, specialized in the installation of high-performance professional kitchens, are united in the EUROCHEF network. They share the same human values of listening and demanding the best, and also have a growing appetite for technological challenges and upmost quality. In one word they see eye to eye on the future. The EUROCHEF network offers services for every chefs in the hotel or restaurant sector, for the communities, the health industry and even large-scale retail laboratories. Today, the network involves 51 members - nearly 900 technicians and 300 salespeople spread throughout the country. Discover Eurochef

About Ferrandi Paris : When you enter FERRANDI Paris, you enter the world of gastronomy, the French art de vivre, a school renowned both in France and abroad.  FERRANDI Paris, with three sites (Paris in Saint Germain des Près, Jouy-en-Josas on the HEC campus and Bordeaux) is part of the FERRANDI group, which represents 2600 apprentices and students from France and abroad and 2500 professionals in continuing education. Discover Ferrandi Paris

About Amefa : Founded in the Netherlands in 1931,  AMEFA is a Dutch family business , which is today the 1ST  European cutlery company in numbers of pieces sold to the markets. AMEFA is particularly well-known thanks to its great diversification, offering 200 different patterns of cutlery, either modern or classical. Thanks to its subsidiaries in France, the UK, Germany, Poland and Hong Kong, AMEFA is totally able to satisfy the needs of its customers, not only in Europe, but also all over the world. In 2006, Amefa France took over the French brand COUZON, specialized in high end stainless steel flatware and hollowware. That definitely showed Amefa’s strategy of growth. In 2010, Amefa bought the French brand MEDARD DE NOBLAT, specialized in porcelain tableware. Faithful to a tradition of quality and creativity that has always enabled the company to deal with prestigious names, Medard de Noblat has managed, thanks to huge high tech investments and to its cooperation with talented designers, to become one of the most famous brands of Limoges porcelain. Discover Amefa

About Ferrières : Ferrières aspires to become the School of choice for Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury sector professionals. This goal, the pursuit of French Excellence, is deeply embedded in Ferrières’ DNA.

Guided by the key values of audacity and innovation, work, humility and openness, Ferrières’ mission is threepronged:

  • To train students from around the globe, future Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury sector professionals, with a range of programmes which successfully address the needs of businesses.
  • To contribute to furthering knowledge and practical expertise in three areas: Hospitality Management,Gastronomic Culture, French-style luxury.
  • To strengthen the reach and attractiveness of France in these fields of excellence.

This mission is achieved through higher education training programmes (Bachelor: Baccalaureate (A-levels) +3 years of higher education , MSc: Baccalaureate (A-levels) +5 years of higher education) and continuing education (Culinary Programmes, Restaurant Programmes, Hotel Programmes as well as Ferrières Coaching). Discover Ferrières

About Wine Paris : Vinisud, the World of Mediterranean Wines, and VinoVision Paris, the International Cool Climate Wine Exhibition, will be held jointly on 11-13 February 2019 as WINE PARIS, the first international event of the year for wine professionals. Vinisud and VinoVision Paris were founded by French wine marketing boards, whose decision it was to join forces in 2019. 

2 000 French and international producers are participating to meet 25 000 trade visitors for the first and leading international wine business event of 2019!

About the Brûlerie Saint-Jacques : The Brûlerie Saint-Jacques is an emblematic place in the 5th district of Paris which closed its doors in 1970. Passionate about well made coffee, we revived this roasting dispenser in 2016. The spirit of the BSJ remains unchanged: offer quality and accesible coffee in a friendly and authentic atmosphere! Our coffee is from all over the world and is roasted in Pantin. We work with partners who guarantee the product traceability. We choose fair-trade and organic coffee. We use this coffee for one of our specialties: cold brew, a cold-brewed coffee that brings together the power and sweetness of coffee. Discover the Brûlerie Saint-Jacques

About Touflet : Touflet Boulanger is a family-owned company who has preserved its expertise in fresh bread without freezing process since 1929 and during 4 generations. Every night of the year, we produce bread and pastries that we deliver early every morning to our mass catering customers. Our priority is to develop fresh and crispy products and deliver them with the best conditions. Our network of 11 bakeries located in Ile-de-France, Normandie and Hauts-de-France, works day and night to ensure optimal quality of products and service. This is because we care about environmental and human health, Touflet Boulanger is committed in nutritional and environmental approaches: local supply chains, organic products and products labelled Bleu-Blanc-Cœur. Discover Touflet

About Castalie :  CASTALIE is a French start-up company founded in 2011 which ambition is to be a sustainable alternative to bottled water in restaurants and corporate offices. Our well-designed, innovative water dispensers produce micro-filtered water that is purified on site and served sparkling or still at the desired temperature. CASTALIE enables restaurants and companies to avoid water transport over hundreds of kilometers as well as useless packaging. We also help office managers and restaurant owners to make water supply easy for them by avoiding the ordering and manual handling of bottled water. Discover Castalie

About Gault & Fremont : Created in 1850, Gault & Frémont is leader on the French paper and cardboard baking solutions and packing market. Historically specialized in bakeries and pastries, Gault & Frémont is now focusing on snacking, restaurants and caterer businesses. Its logistics and industrial capacities, including its audacious and pioneering positioning, allow Gault & Frémont to be a creative force and to give you the largest products and services offer of the market. Discover Gault & Fremont

About Matfer : The MATFER BOURGEAT group's know-how is applied to a range of complementary catering activities ranging from the kitchen, the restaurant room, the bar; from the preparation of recipes to service and even to the manufacturing of fully custom-made furniture. Discover Matfer

About Georgette : The inventor, Jean Louis Orengo, had the idea of a hybrid silverware  (spoon, fork and a little knive) on his way back from an expedition in the Great White North of Canada. This naturalist from Ariège  (France) found his inspiration in the shapes of animal paws. A single ustensil from starter to dessert which combines creativity, design, inspiration and ecological respect. It magnifies gastronomic pleasures.


A propos d'Hygial : Depuis 1992 HYGIAL répond à tous les besoins des professionnels en matière d'hygiène. Groupement national comprenant 20 distributeurs, 450 collaborateurs, dont 150 conseillers commerciaux à votre service pour vous comprendre et vous accompagner en fonction de votre activité. En matière d'hygiène et de propreté, nous proposons non seulement des produits, mais aussi des solutions complètes, des concepts, un véritable service de proximité, des garanties d'approvisionnement et de maîtrise des consommations et des budgets basés sur la confiance et la réciprocité. Notre credo : le respect de l'environnement. Pour chaque type de produit nous vous proposons des solutions ayant un impact réduit en termes de bilan écologique. Découvrez Hygial

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