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SIAL Paris puts the spotlight on some of the most creative culinary talents in the business.  Thousands of professionals attend the trade fair to see the demos in La Cuisine!

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Frédéric Jaunault

Frédéric Jaunault

International experience as Chef: Paris, New York, Bermuda and also other well-known establishments: Ledoyen, Plazza Athénée, Normandie in Deauville, Bernard Loiseau...

In 1996 his career took a new turn by combining cooking with the sculpture of fruit and vegetables and he took part in the French Ministry of Agriculture’s implementation of a national plan to encourage healthy eating (5 fruits and vegetables a day). In 2007, he created Créasaveurs, a fruit and vegetable Design Consultancy company. In 2008 he became French champion and in 2010 European champion for the sculpting of fruit and vegetables. In 2011 he received the MOF (Best Craftsmen of France) award.

A genuine ambassador for France’s terroir, he shares his knowledge and experience through training and courses for hotel and catering students, chefs and barmen in France and around the world.

L'Académie du Fruit et Légume

Thierry Dufroux


Thierry trained in the most influential restaurants aside Bernard Loiseau, Michel Rochedy, Michel Guérard, Alain Ducasse. He also worked at the Elysée Palace under F. Mitterand. Putting to use his Basque roots, he opened Belhara in 2013 where he combines modern and traditional cuisine. Thierry makes a point of seeking products from the best suppliers so he can offer a precise, generous and conscientious cuisine.

Le Belhara - 23, rue Duvivier 75007 Paris


Rachid Souid 

Rachid Souid

Born in Agadir, he remembers the tastes and flavours of his childhood: his mother’s Berber tajine made using only vegetables and cooking in the hot air, argan oil handpressed by his aunts and the smell of mussels drying in strings on the houses. This experience lies at the heart of his belief that cooking is intertwined with emotion and respect for the product. But also with work and will. Rachid Souid learnt to cook at Le Touquet after studying at university. After having worked in several hotels such as the Intercontinental, the Méridien and the Grand Hôtel in Cabourg, he opened Millau in Paris where he offers authentic cooking based on fresh, seasonal products that he combines with other products from across the world. “Purity, lightness, sensitivity, sharing and high-quality products” are his watchwords. He is a member of the Académie Nationale de la Cuisine (National Academy for Cooking), the Académie Culinaire de France (French Culinary Academy), of Eurotoques France and of the Disciples d'Escoffier.

Le Millau - 7 rue du Rendez Vous 75012 Paris

Fabien Borgel 


Fabien initially qualified with a BAC Catering Technology qualification and now has more than 16 years of experience as a Chef and Manager in the catering world. He has worked for several well-known restaurants, both in Paris and overseas (in the USA, Switzerland and in Australia). 

In addition, Fabien has been able to work for different kinds of restaurant, ranging from fast food to traditional via gastronomic. This has enabled him to develop food production skills and, above all, to gain a perfect understanding of procurement techniques and stock management. Coming from traditional cooking, he was quickly seduced by raw food and the innovative techniques involved in its preparation. Today Fabien, in addition to being the Chef at 42 Degrés, is also the manager of the Human Resources department and oversees the organisation of the restaurant.

42 Degrés - 109 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière 75009 Paris

Lucas Felzine 

Lucas Felzine

Lucas began his career in 2008 with William Ledeuil, and then joined Alain Passard's team at the Arpège 3-stars restaurant. He continues to improve at the Shangri-la then at La Dame de Pic with Anne-Sophie Pic and finally with the brothers Mavrommatis before opening his own restaurant in 2014: UMA.

Nikkei inspired cuisine, between Japan and Peru with always a traditional French cuisine base.

Uma as Umami the 5th flavor, association of acid, sweet, salty and bitter. When these four flavors are well metered, it is possible to create in the customer a desire to want more and to make him discover a flavor that if the customer does not know it seems familiar to him.

Sensitive cuisine, Lucas wants to make forget the outside world when his costumers enter in his restaurant and make them spend an unforgettable moment. Each dish has its own history and for the Chef, each dish is therefore unique by its flavors but also by the one who prepares it.

UMA - 7 rue du 29 juillet 75001 Paris

Romain Gicquel 

Romain Gicquel

Romain Gicquel has been in the kitchen since he was 15 years old, helping with family meals since his early childhood. His first apprenticeship led him to the market in Versailles where he was quickly entrusted with handling the purchasing of fresh products in the early morning. For Romain Gicquel, the quality and choice of products is an essential element for creating the very best French cuisine. As a young apprentice, he trained as a station cook at Club de Direction at Cartier for 4 years.

The chef of Club de Direction at Cartier, Jérôme Gueguen, offered him a position working at LADUREE when it opened in Retiro. After that, Romain Gicquel decided to join a smaller establishment with a great gastronomic reputation, La Ferme de Voisins. He did not overlook the opportunity to work at the Domaine du Verbois.

It's no surprise that his former boss, chef and owner of La Ferme de Voisins, contacted him to take over his establishment and become chef and owner at the age of 24.

La Ferme de Voisins - 4, rue de Port Royal  78960 Voisins-le-bretonneux

Dina Nikolaou

Dina Nikola started her professional training in the French gastronomic schools of Paris, “Le Cordon Bleu”, “Ritz Escoffier”, “Alain Ducasse formation” and “Lenôtre”.
With her sister, Maria, she created Evi Evane (www.evievane.com) and two gourmet food stores Evi Evane traiteur & Evi Evane mézès in Paris, offering Greek dishes to take away and enjoy at home or in the office, as well as 150 Greek products produced by small producers from all over Greece and selected by Dina Nikola herself.
In 2017, the Evi Evane restaurant reached new heights when it received the “best foreign food restaurant in Paris” title.
She continued her career in 2009 by presenting cooking programmes on Greek television channels ANT1Star and SKAI and on French television on the cuisine TV channel presenting recipes and dishes from the different regions of Greece.

She has also written several books such as “Le livre de cuisine de l’école Chef d’œuvre”, “Grèce cuisine familiale et traditionnelle”, “Seul dans la cuisine », “Les meilleurs repas de Carême de Dina” and“Grèce – La cuisine Authentique».

Evi Evane - 10 rue Guisarde 75006 Paris


Clément Bidard

Clément Bidard

After receiving his hotel hospitality certificate, this chef at the age of 24 cut his teeth at Auberge du Père Bise at the Hôtel Royal in Evian, then in different Swiss palaces in Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne.

He then decided to go to Paris and work at Alain Ducasse's restaurant, Le Jules Verne, before becoming assistant chef to Hervé Rodriguez at the Michelin-star MaSa restaurant. 

Later he chose to take over the family restaurant, Saint Lazare, in Ain. It was starred restaurant for 10 years, and it is his goal to earn back that lost star. Above all, he emphasises ingredients, aromatic herbs from their garden, and local producers. Focused on home-made items, Clément makes his own bread that he matches with the dishes and especially with the seasons. The menu changes every two months to offer products at the high point in their season.

Le Saint Lazare – Le Bourg 01400 L'Abergement Clémenciat

Xavier Zabaleta

 Xavier Zabaleta

Aratz’s Chef in San Sebastian, its cooking style is based on tradition. However, Xavier Zabaleta is also very innovative! His secret? Fresh and quality products. This Chef, President of the association Jakitea, has always been representing regional products.

Aratz, Igara Bidea 15, 20018 Donostia San Sebastián





Romain Le Cordroch

Romain le Cordroch

Hailing from Brittany, and more precisely the Morbihan region, he learned his trade with some of France's top chefs: Jacques Chibois in Grasses, Rabanel in Arles, sous-chef for Joël Robuchon in Paris, sous-chef at the Violon d’Ingres, the starred restaurant of Christian Constant, and sous-chef at the Paris luxury hotel, Le Royal Monceau. For 3 and a half years he embarked on a world discovery tour:

  • Post of sous-chef in the French restaurant of Sydney Opera House, where he discovered the fusion style
  • Head chef in a Cheval Blanc luxury hotel of the LVMH Group on Saint Barthélémy in the Caribbean
  • Sous-chef for a starred German chef on The Bund in Shanghai
  • Sous-chef in the Sofitel Copacabana Hotel at Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

He then returned to France and took up the post of chef in a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Paris region, where he stayed for 4 years, and today he is Chef at the Maison du Caviar in Paris. Drawing on his experiences, he produces a modern and vibrant signature cuisine that is resolutely international. Spices and plants are key markers in his universe.

La Maison du Caviar - 21 Rue Quentin-Bauchart, 75008 Paris

Benjamin Lechevallier 

Benjamin Lechevallier

After cutting his teeth in famous establishments such as le Plaza Athénée, la Maison Blanche and Hyatt Vendôme, Benjamin Lechevallier opened his own restaurant, Origine, in 2010 and earned a star one year later.

Having grown up between Paris and Franceville, he made a heartfelt choice and decide to settle in Rouen. He was immediately captivated by the thousand different sides to the city. 

Origine has a modern, sincere cuisine focused on our products. The team makes sure to revisit all these natural flavours to enhance them and make them stand out so that our time with them becomes precious and unique.

Restaurant Origine - 26 rampe Cauchoise 76000 Rouen


Philippe Geneletti

Pierre Meneau

Indulgence, modernity and the desire to have fun constitute the signature of the chef, Philippe Geneletti.

Starting work in the kitchens from age 15 as an apprentice, his career path has taken him via the kitchens of, among others, Bernard Loiseau, Ferran Adria at the El Bulli in Barcelona and the Mandala Bay in Las Vegas, to his present position as Executive Chef with LHM (Luxury Hotel Management): so many chefs and establishments that have helped fashion his culinary outlook. He obtained his Michelin star in 2009, to become one of the youngest starred chefs that year.

He has written 2 books: "Fou de cuisine un peu félé des éprouvettes" and "[Ré]créations"

LHM Luxury Hôtel Management

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