La Réalité virtuel dans l'alimentaire
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Try out our Virtual Reality concepts applied to the food world.

When Virtual Reality conquers Planet Food

This spectacle offered a virtual reality voyage through the food sector, for understanding how this technology will revolutionise our daily diet: in the restaurant, at work, or quite simply in the home. In partnership with Easy Com and Laval Virtual, this area had real food applications to be used by our industry from production to fork


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About EasyCom : Easycom is a consulting and creative agency specialised in developing sales through immersive technologies. Forget the "wow" effect, and think rather of "customer benefits" and commercial efficiency. Technology is a means of winning over the customer, and not an end in itself. Easycom is there to support companies in conceiving their projects (issues / usages / scenario), and in integration and communication (communication action plans, creation of online and offline documentation, ROI measurement). We innovate to make your life easier.

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About Laval Virtual

 International benchmark for 20 years in terms of expertise in and development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) usages, LAVAL VIRTUAL opened the Laval Virtual Centre in September 2017. The centre brings together experts in VR, AR and associated technologies (interactive 3D, motion capture, etc.). Its missions are to support all sectors of activity and businesses that wish to use these innovative technologies, and to encourage and accelerate the development of VR/AR projects, through creativity sessions, advice, training, business intelligence, and the provision of equipment, both current and yet to come.


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