Sustainable development
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Sustainable development at SIAL Paris

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Now a baseline for economic activity, sustainable development is naturally a core element of SIAL especially since the agri-food industry is particularly concerned by its environmental, economic and social components.

SIAL Paris, strictly no leftovers!
Our objectives in 2018:
  • -20% less waste volume
  • +20% greater waste recycling rate
  • Recycling of stand materials
How can we succeed in this?

Sorting and recycling stand waste 

Collecting cigarette butts 

Making available to exhibitiors a reuse platform for recycling booths materials

And continuing with 

Recycling organic waste, used cooking oils   

Collecting food donations 

Supplying an ECO-DESIGN fitted stand

2018 Best practices


The waste from SIAL Paris represents significant tonnage. We will sort all this waste, for recycling and processing via a new reuse platform.

Organic waste

We will recycle the organic waste and used cooking oils.

Food waste

We will pursue the actions in place for many years through exhibitors' donations of food products, 65 tons in  2016. Let's do even better in 2018.

Collecting cigarette butts

Smoking areas are available and equipped with ashtrays; please use them as we will recycle cigarette filters.

Elimination of plastics

Drinking straws are no longer available at any of the foodservice points.

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