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ZANIER SRL - Other rice

Via Vittorio Veneto, 21
34170 Gorizia



Present on the flag : ITA - ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY

Press release

  • Zanier Srl a new company with a great tradition

    01 February 2018

    Twenty years after the foundation of the first company, in January 2018 Marco Zanier decides that the most opportune moment has arrived to make a leap into the future by opening the Zanier Srl. A new reality that aims to quickly become the reference point between high quality food companies exploiting the enormous cognitive background of its work staff.

    Thanks to the great experience gained in the previous company, which culminated in obtaining top level score from the important IFS-BRC quality certifications, Zanier Srl has its strong point in the research for continuous improvement, offering its customers a wide range of products high-end foods that fully capture the needs of the market.

    The core business consists of colored and multicolored laminated PASTA, a niche product that is increasingly requested in the most important stores of almost all prestigious European and North American cities. In addition to the laminated, Zanier is also able to offer traditional pasta shapes obtained with both the bronze drawing and the slow drying method, thus satisfying the requests of typical Italian products lovers.

    But Zanier Srl is not just pasta, indeed, following the logic of diversification of the offer, the company in Friuli has in its complementary products real flagships. The line of FLAVOURED SALTS created by Marco Zanier in 2017 and recently further improved, are highly sought after by the main Italian Gourmet Stores, not to mention the consolidated success of RISOTTI, POLENTE and SPAGHETTATE (dehydrated vegetables ideal for preparing sauces and condiments).

    The opening of the new company also coincided with the launch of a new range of products, the RISI VARIOPINTI an ABSOLUTE NOVELTY in the high-end food market which once again testifies the enormous research work carried out by Zanier Srl in the find new articles to offer to the public. A push towards innovation that in the coming months will bring to the public a line of PASTA specifically designed to be off

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