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SLENDIER - Organic grocery products

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3122 Hawthorn

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  • A moment on the lips, Slendier on the hips

    01 October 2018

    CUTTING out carbohydrates for health reasons usually means saying `pasta la vista' to comfort foods like spaghetti bolognese. Now an ancient vegetable is making it possible for carb-lovers, paleo devotees and coeliac sufferers to cave into cravings using the ultimate low carb pasta.

    Slendier's pasta, noodles and rice are made using flour from the konjac plant, so they're significantly lower in calories and carbohydrates than wheat varieties.

    When Erica Hughes made the Australian brand part of her own healthy way of living, she knew she needed to take it to the world. Since quitting her corporate job, she has taken Slendier to more than 20 countries.

    "We noticed that people who ate Slendier as a replacement for rice and pasta lost weight and kept it off, without feeling hungry or like they were missing out," Erica said.

    "Then we saw it had broader appeal with people who were vegans, gluten intolerant, diabetic or managing health issues using regimens like FODMAP diet plans."

    Slendier's main ingredient, konjac, contains large amounts of a soluble fibre called glucomannan that moves slowly through the digestive tract and leaves people feeling fuller for longer. Studies have shown the plant, which has been consumed for centuries in Asia, can help lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar.

    Being fat, sugar and gluten free, Slendier is ideal for dieters and coeliac disease sufferers. It is vegan friendly and has just 12 calories per 125 gram serve.

    More recently, Slendier has expanded it's range to include pasta sauces, Asian sauces, bean pastas, smoothies and ready-to-eat meals. Each of them follows the company's philosophy of creating delicious products that are healthy, all-natural, organic, vegan, contain no gluten, dairy, soy or eggs, and have no added preservatives or additives.

    Slendier has offices and warehousing in Europe and Australia.

    For more details and information, contact Director Erica Hughes on +61 (0)408 275 569 or [email protected]


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