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AVES ENERJI AS - Cottonseed oil

Toroslar mah. Gizem mok. n° 19

33115 Mersin

Press release

  • AVES

    01 January 2018

    With more than 20 years of experience in the field of international commodity trade AVES, is a leading actor in the fields of production and international trade of vegetable oils, biodiesel production, storage of vegetable oils, open seas vessel loading and unloading platforms and real estates.

    AVES provides %35 of Turkish raw sunflower oil supply and is the proud owner of the largest and fully integrated oilseed processing and biodiesel plant of Turkey in Mersin Province. Established on 12 hectares of land in Mersin Province, the facility features a capacity of 1500 tons of crushing, 600 tons of refinery which annually produce an impressing 1 million tons of products including vegetable oil, meal and biodiesel.

    With SAFYA sunflower oil brand, AVES guarantees the same quality in its first and one-millionth bottle and thus expands its market share both in domestic and international markets. AVES excels in every step of production from fields until the table and is the owner of the first edible sunflower oil plant in Erbil Region of Iraq.

    AVES is the owner of the grain and meal storage located closest to Habur Customs Station in Silopi which gives AVES a strong positioning for Middle East Markets.

    With the third largest oil and vegetable oil storage facility located in Mersin Province of Turkey, which has a capacity of 220,000 cubic meters and with SAVKA port for loading and unloading of high seas vessels, AVES has a great advantage compared to its competitors on logistics costs. With its strategic location near the port of Mersin, with SAVKA platform and with a logistics fleet of 70 tankers and 30 damper-trucks, AVES boasts a complete set of supply chain.

    On the other hand, AVES has real estate investments covering 72.000 m2 of land right across the Mersin Port. AVES is also among the shareholders of Bomonti Park Shopping Mall in Istanbul. Sister Company Agrolino also has steel silos which has a capacity of 70.000 cubic meters in Suluova /Amasya.

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